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When you hear of some of the most extravagant countries in the world, some of them, especially those from the Middle East do have one thing in common and that is the fact that they are oil producing states. The major reason why these countries can generate so much revenue is due in large part to the size of market demand for crude oil. The size of market demand for crude oil outweighs that of all other metals combined in a ratio 3:1.

The size of the market available for crude oil highlights the need for better transactional facilities and management system. This need, coupled with the vast range of advantages offered by blockchain technology has given rise to the XPetroleum project.

Introducing XPetroleum
XPetroleum is an advanced next generation oil platform which intends to leverage on the advantages offered by blockchain technology. XPetroleum has been developed with a goal of revolutionizing the oil industry and enhancing transparency.

Advantages offered by XPetroleum

  1. Digital ecosystem and currency: The XPetroleum ecosystem is a peer-to-peer next generation oil platform with the goal of getting transactions done in seconds through the influence of it’s digital currency “XPL”.
  2. Minimal transaction costs: You can make as many transactions as you wish at any given time on the XPetroleum platform without having to worry about being set back a few bucks.
  3. Security of transactions: Through the influence of Ethereum based smart contracts, there is no reason to be worried for the safety of funds.
  4. Elimination of third party: By being a peer-to-peer platform, XPetroleum seeks to make the two parties doing business communicate directly with each other while removing the influence of 3rd parties which draw extra fees.
  5. Locked team tokens: The tokens allocated to the team members will be locked with the smart contract for a period of two years. This will enable investors make as much profit on investment as possible.

The team have come up with a well defined order of events in order to keep the project on track.

Tokenomics of XPetroleum
The token which serves as a currency within the XPetroleum ecosystem has a ticker “XPL”. The total supply of XPL tokens is 80 million and it will have an initial price of $0.15 per token. The minimum investment amount has been set at 0.1 ETH and the commencement date of token sale is to be announced.

Due to the continous rise in demand for crude oil, the XPetroleum project is coming through at about the perfect time to enchance efficiency in the industry.

For further information, you can visit any of the following links;

Website => https://www.xpetroleum.com/
Whitepaper => https://xpetroleum.com/docs/WhitePaperXPetroleum_en.pdf
Twitter => https://twitter.com/XPetroleum_xpl
Telegram => https://t.me/XPetroleum
Telegram Channel => https://t.me/XPetroleumAnnouncement
Medium => https://medium.com/@xpetroleum
Reddit => https://reddit.com/u/xpetroleum
Instagram => https://instagram.com/xpetroleumcom

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