ways to achieve a goal
hay gays at the meeting this time we discuss about xsearch, what is xsearch
, if you want to invest in Initial coin offering program (ICO) then I have a very good ICO info for you to follow that is XSEARCH ICO – Innovation Research System. For more details about this Project let us discuss together
But before joining ICO program we must know first what is XSEARCH ICO project.  Come to success with Xserch
Interacting with XSEARCH , customers basically interact with the REQUESTS subsystem. This is where they can submit searches as REQUESTING activities, get available OFF, interact with OFFER for prizes to view, and complete transactions on sale. 
1. A user signs up and comes his personal data.
2. Users search for goods or services using our search engine.
3. Seller automatically sends personalized offers to users who are actually interested in the goods or services in question.
4. Seller pays the user to view personalized offers.
 Xsearch is your way to achieve a goal
XSEARCH can be used not only by students when looking for educational programs, but also for job seekers. It can be used as a decentralized search platform to find employers. In turn, employers will be able to find a potential employee who meets certain requirements. XSEARCH also offers a “job search” option when job seekers can anonymously express their business interests and preferences and skills, and employers can focus on specific job seekers who meet their requirements. XSEARCH does not look like traditional job search and resume.
XSEARCH tokens for use by parties involved in the XSEARCH ecosystem. The XSE Token will be used to simplify the payment of remuneration in the system for services available on XSEARCH. The market on the basis of XSE makes business and consumers.
The New York Authority is not granted to large advertising companies that get from client data. Buyers and retailers have the opportunity to interact directly, the consumer porch that creates and sends messages and data packets to a public blockbuster. Others may act as service providers to create software functions (eg, data analysis, acting on data that contribute to blocking).
XSEARCH Token (XSE) is used as the internal currency to execute investment transactions on the Xsearch platform. The value will increase as demand for the platform increases. In addition, XSE will be traded on the digital currency exchange.
Participating in ICO, gives you the ability to buy coins at the lowest possible price.
In addition, if you buy coins early, you will receive bonuses that can be as high as 33%.
Token XSE
Price 1ETH = 1000 XSE
Buy with ETH
Platform Ethereum(ERC20)
Hard cap 17,500 ETH
Location Norway
Pre ICO 05 April 2018 – 20 April 2018
ICO 20 April 2018 – 30 May 2018
Token Count for sale 24,5m XSE = 83%
Total Token Count 30m XSE

April 2017
Creation of search ideas
May 2017
The establishment of service concepts
Christmas 2017
The creation of an ICO team and the development of XSE blockchain technology
August 2017
Xsearch first prototype
September – December 2017
Potential service potential users
December 2017
Official website development for the ERC-20 tokens
1-2 quarters of 2018
ICO Live! Tokensale
3 quarters of 2018
The launch of HitBtc and Bancor trading
4 quarters of 2018
Development of the main project
4 quarters of 2018
Development of iOS and Android apps
1 quarter 2019
Token price growth and new stock launches
1 quarter 2019
Firefox and chrome extensions are ready
2 quarters of 2019
Security audit, vulnerability analysis
3rd quarter 2019
Marketing, customers count growth
Program Bounty 
Join the XSEARCH bounty program. 3% of all XSE tokens will be allocated into this bounty campaign – 900 000 XSE
Bounty Allocation:
• Signature Bounty 30%
• Youtube 15%
• Blog / Media / Artikel Bounty 15%
• Twitter Bounty 12%
• Facebook Bounty 12%
• Instagram Bounty 5%
• Bounty Translation 12%
• Telegram Bounty 4%
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