With the developing nearness of associated, location-dependent innovations, our protection and wellbeing depend intensely on the exactness and legitimacy of location data. Different endeavors have been made to wipe out the requirement for incorporated elements controlling the stream of location information, yet every endeavor has depended on the trustworthiness of the gadgets gathering this information in the physical world. We propose a trustless, cryptographic location arrange utilizing a novel detailing dependent on a chain of zero-learning proofs to set up a high level of information conviction on location data. The XYO Network is a deliberation that empowers layered, location check crosswise over numerous gadget classes and conventions. At its inside sits a plan of novel cryptographic segments known as Proof of Origin and Bound Witness that tie together the vitality of blockchain development and bona fide data aggregation into a system with organizing applications today.

Proof of Location

The possibility of provable location has been around since the 1960s, and can even be backpedaled to the 1940s with ground-based radio-course structures, for instance, LORAN. Today, there are location benefits that stack different mediums of check over each other to make a Proof of Location through triangularization and GPS organizations.Proof of Location can be comprehended as utilizing blockchain’s capable properties, for example, time-stamping and decentralization, and consolidating them with blockchain, the location-mindful device(s) that are ideally impervious to mocking. We allude to the domain of cryptographic location innovation as \crypto-location.” Moreover, like how the shortcoming of keen contracts fixates on prophets utilizing a solitary wellspring of truth, crypto-location frameworks confront a similar issue. In the XYO Network, the off-chain information source moves around in reality as a specific sort of prophet we call a Sentinel. The center development encompassing the XYO Network fixates on a characterless, location-based proof hidden the parts of our framework to make a trustless, crypto-location convention.


Issues and Solutions by XYO

Issue 1

As per a current report discharged by Comcast, over 30% of Americans have had a bundle stolen from their yard or doorstep [1]. As the piece of the overall industry of web-based business keeps on developing, this issue will just turn out to be more common. Super destinations like Amazon are trying different things with deferent answers for offer affirmed secure conveyance as a top-notch administration to their clients.
By utilizing the XYO Network and XYO Tokens, associations like Amazon and UPS can offer, as a magnificent organization, an unreservedly insisted record to track every movement of a shipment’s propel, starting at the fulfillment center and fruition with the package’s secured transport inside the customer’s home. As a trustless and decentralized framework, the XYO Network gives free affirmation of a bundle’s conveyance as well as of its whole delivering history. This likewise permits a retailer or internet business webpage to offer installment upon-conveyance, using an Ethereum keen contract to shield the dealer from misrepresentation or misfortune.

Issue 2

Therapeutic blunders are the third driving reason for death in the United States, as indicated by an investigation discharged by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. A large number of these preventable passings are a consequence of operational or record-keeping mistakes, including unfavorable medication connections, uncalled for therapeutic records, and even superfluous surgeries.
By tying the XYO Network into the operational structures that are as of now set up in Hospitals, mind suppliers can fundamentally diminish disappointments in correspondence and record keeping that outcome in persistent damage and passing. Using the XYO Network and XYO Tokens can give a trustless, decentralized, and freely obvious record of every single patient cooperation with any staff and also a log of significant patient information, for example, the patient’s vitals, treatment subtle elements, and test comes about for the span of their remain.

Issue 3

The main issue that rental auto offices confront is strategic ones. Straightforward occasions, for example, the client losing their keys, brings about heaps of dollars in lost open door cost for auto rental organizations every year. Furthermore, the issue keeps on deteriorating; worse. The most widely recognized issue rental auto organizations have spun around the loss of rental vehicle keys. Frequently, this is on the grounds that the client neglects to restore the keys when they restore the auto. Each lost key costs the organization several dollars, in substitution costs as well as in lost income.
XY has effectively actualized an experimental run program with one of the biggest US rental auto offices to enable chop down on the quantifier of keys that aren’t returned at significant airplane terminals. By growing the program to make utilization of the XYO Network, the rental auto-organization and its clients can decrease a quantifier of lost keys. In case of a debate, both the organization and the client will approach an autonomously unquestionable, trustless location record that has logged the location of the keys amid and after the season of the arrival.

Issue 4

Lost and misused gear cost aircrafts $2.1 billion dollars in 2016, as per an investigation by SITA. While frameworks are enhancing, the complexities of air travel still outcome in a huge number of furious travelers with lost packs every year. The things taking care of and following frameworks at present utilized via aircrafts isn’t just blunder inclined yet additionally needs straightforwardness and the correct foundation expected to track and check the location of their travelers’ things.
The XYO Network has actualized a decentralized, trustless framework for following and finding baggage. Its decentralized nature even enables carriers to use each other’s systems without bargaining the aircrafts’ system security or expecting to facilitate framework refreshes – this implies in case you’re at the United work area in Dallas, however your pack is at the Delta work area at SFO, the sack can at present be right away situated by getting to the XYO Network Ledger. Should a pack be for all time lost and a traveler document a claim with the carrier, the decentralized and trustless nature of the blockchain record enables the two gatherings to freely confirm who had ownership of it last.

Issue 5

Protection for vehicles, secluded homes, and other high-esteem, high-versatility articles can repay for burglary, yet can’t characteristically help with finding the first well. The protection business is additionally defenseless to extortion, particularly on account of guaranteed things that are very portable.
XY is as of now working with an insurance agency that spreads high esteem, high versatility products to enable them to process asserts and recoup protected merchandise. Utilizing the XYO Network, a decentralized and trustless location-based blockchain record, the organization and its clients approach an autonomously undeniable location history in case of a claim. Moreover, police agents can get to this location history in their endeavor to recuperate stolen products.

Issue 6

In activities requiring an abnormal state of security, it is significant to guarantee that any approved guns are entirely and securely controlled. Making a framework that is secure, solid, and openly responsible represents an operational test.
A prominent government security office has contracted with XY to secure guns in significant transportation centers all through the United States. The utilization of XY existing innovation spares the organization a great many dollars, and the decentralized idea of its blockchain makes a framework that is both freely secure and openly responsible.

Issue 7

Various substances are near executing robotized ramble administrations, from internet business mammoths like Amazon and Walmart to Google/Alphabet’s Project Wing to the various automaton mapping administrations as of now in activity. Guaranteeing open wellbeing, securing individual protection, and keeping up consistence with FAA control will turn out to be progressively testing as rules are changed and skies turn out to be more swarmed.
By using the XYO Network, mechanized automatons working autonomously of each other will have the capacity to convey their relative and outright locations utilizing an all-inclusive convention. Automatons that are not inalienably ready to speak with each other can exploit the XYO Network and still associate through outsider mediators, including autonomous gadgets or different automatons. Communications between gadgets on the XYO Network are additionally recorded on the blockchain, a decentralized record. This implies every single mechanized automaton are considered freely responsible in case of a mischance, direction encroachment, or rupture in security or individual protection through the accessibility of a lasting and unalterable record of all gadget connections.

Token Sale

Remembering the ultimate objective to give the people who purchase XYO Tokens in the midst of our present Token Sale period, all tokens that are not sold after the Token Generation Event completes will be burned; likewise the tokens one purchases in the midst of the arrangement transforms into a constrained, uncommon resource, which benefits the people who purchase tokens in the midst of the arrangement.
In the midst of the Token Generation Event, the XYO Token uses the Ethereum stage’s ERC20 token standard. To ensure a sheltered purchase of the XYO Tokens, we have held a third-social gathering firm to test audit our sharp contract to consent to best practices.

Token details

Ticker: XYO
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token Price: 1 XYO = 0.0224 USD (0.00003 ETH)
Sold on pre-sale: 100% BONUS
Whitelist: UNTIL 7 MAR




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