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The real essence of the blockchain and cryptocurrency is to distribute the power of decision making from central authorities and large houses through decentralization. One of the more interesting features of cryptocurrency is that it cannot be controlled by intermediaries or authorized parties. On platforms such as the Bitcoin network where the framework is peer to peer, the transfer of real value does not require contributions from central forces, because exchanges are agreed upon by a group of miners distributed in the system. Unfortunately the concept of decentralization that exists as the basis of the crypto currency has not yet been fully adopted in the exchange of crypto currencies. The majority of popular exchanges with large trading volumes are designed on a centralized framework and not on a decentralized framework.


Yammy Network

smart solutions that will provide an easy-to-use service platform for cryptocurrency real-world or real-world money investors, Yammy Network itself will offer unique exchanges, smart platforms and easy to understand for all people including buyers and investors in the digital world , In an effort to develop the digital assets of exchanges and experienced investors and beginner investors to try as a bridge between traditional finance and storing digital assets, the Yammy Network platform has developed a simple but classy and smart system.


Yammy Network offers a logical solution to this case. The team from Yammy Network to introduce to the public the easy thing to adopt ideas based on both on blockchain technology that there has consistently found a match between buyers and sellers is a problem known in the economy as a double coincidence of desires. Utilizing the diversity of teams, Yammy Network combines strong and intelligent digital currencies, not only will meet the needs of traders and investors, but will also simplify the trading process that allows everyone to become part of Yammy Network’s technology development platform, although liquidity is not a problem for the most widely used token,

What you need to know about Yammy Network
Yammy Network – smart solution. Our goal is to create a new reality that is equivalent to the  LEGO blockchain   . Yammy Network will introduce  the  first  Blockchain 3.0 feature element  thus providing an easy-to-use service platform for real-world or real-world money investor cryptocurrency , Yammy Network itself will offer a very unique, highly intelligent and easy to understand platform for all, including buyers and investors in the digital world, in an effort to develop exchange digital assets and experienced investors and budding investors to try as a bridge between traditional finance and to saving digital assets, the Yammy Network platform has developed a simple but very classy and intelligent system.


Yammy Token:

  •  Nama token: Yammy Token
  •  Symbol: YMM  
  • Platform: Ethereum 
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 
  • Address YMM contract: https://etherscan.io/token/0xf3bcbaac4d699bd81e75e35fe01c695739b0903c

Distribution of token details:

  • For Aidrop: 5% = 5,000,000 YMM 
  • Prizes: 10% = 10,000,000 YMM 
  • R & D: 50% = 50,000,000 YMM 
  • Marketing: 5% = 5,000,000 YMM 
  • Network Maintenance: 5% = 5,000,000 YMM 
  • Founder: 5% = 5,000,000 YMM 
  • Proposed Funds: 10% = 10,0000,000 YMM 
  • Exchange List; 10% = 10,000,000 YMM
TIM Yammy Network:
  •  Eric Bloodaxe, experience of 20 years UNIX industry application developer 
  • Wilson Baker, Developer of Python Ambitious Youth
  •  Mithridates, Finance Specialist

ABOUT Yammy Network: 

ETH: 0xD6AF7435Fd7c6DB12B00E92752c03A7d466A52e8



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