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The modern world is saturated with a large number of different solutions and directions that aim to develop and attract customers and buyers to certain trade networks or organizations. The current market for buyer-seller relations is more vulnerable than before, and can break at any time and for any reason. This is due in most cases to many analogous choices, where clients can go despite all the advantages of a particular store, organization, cafe, bar, restaurant and so on.

Therefore, to retain their customers, manufacturers go to various tricks and manipulations, offering us their unique loyalty program. This trick is felt by the world with an explosion and many people really start to more deliberately approach their favorite store choices, because each of them is ready to offer them the best loyalty conditions.

However, regardless of the popularity and effectiveness of this model, many people begin to experience negative emotions about certain loyalty systems, which are not possible to get the maximum benefit from their use. To understand what I just said, I propose to consider a classic example that is painful, which often happens to the majority of buyers who have chosen a particular loyalty system.

About the project
As you have seen, Yammy Networking uses modern blockchain technology as a powerful tool, with the help of projects that will reach new levels of competence, and can eliminate all of the above problems. It is important to note that Yammy Networking will bring together all large, medium and small organizations around the world who are willing to offer their loyalty systems, while users will get a number of benefits available only in this ecosystem.

All the objectives of our project can design the latest actuality that can remind LEGO on the blockchain. Yammy Interact is mostly about so you can add weather from the quality of Blockchain 3. 0 that is designed, to start with as much as possible.

Yammy Network a smart solution that will provide an easy-to-use service platform for real-world or real-world money investor cryptocurrency, Yammy Network itself will offer a unique, smart and easy-to-understand exchange platform for everyone including the world’s digital buyers and investors, in an effort to develop digital assets Exchange and experienced investors and budding investors to try as a bridge between traditional finance and digital asset storage, the Yammy Network platform has developed a simple but classy and intelligent system.

Features and benefits

It doesn’t take long for you to understand how Yammy Networking works. All you need is to register in the system and start getting benefits now. First, you will see a large number of loyal programs that will soon be available in one place and with equal requirements. Second, you will get the opportunity to exchange several loyalty points with others, making basic exchanges through the platform’s internal token.

As such, you will have a unique opportunity to not focus on specific points and promotions from one company, but to receive them simultaneously from different sources, while adding them all in your wallet and exchanging them for comfortable opportunities for other goods and services available on Yammy Networking.

Now, so that the whole system interacts harmoniously and fully, the developers have made every effort to be able to ensure the conditions of cooperation that are safe, transparent and reliable between all system participants.

ICO details

Token Information

Name Yammy Token
Token Symbol YMM
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Max Supply: 100 000 000

Verified by Etherscan ✔
Decimals: 18
Contract: 0xf3bcbaac4d699bd81e75e35fe01c695739b0903c

Where to buy?



Start: 2018 Q4

  • Whitepaper v1.0
  • Launch of website
  • Token creation

Q1 2019

  • Listing YMM to exchange
  • Whitepaper v2.0

Q2 2019

  • Yammy Coin launch
  • Masternodes

Q3 2019

  • Smartcontracts
  • Yammy Platform alpha version

Q4 2019

  • Yammy Platform beta version


  • Betting site as a first sample of Yammy Platform
  • Global marketplace with crypto payments
  • Decentralized crypto exchange


Yammy’s Partners

Official resources of the project Yammy

Website: https://yammy.network/
Bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5093798.0
Bounty thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5098028.0
Whitepaper: https://yammy.network/Yammy%20Network%20White%20Paper%201.0.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NetworkYammy
Discord: https://discord.gg/BnkthU
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Yammy_team

– XPL Official Group: https://t.me/Yammynetwork_chat
– XPL Official Channel: https://t.me/yammynetwork
– XPL Official Bounty: https://t.me/Yammynetwork_Bounty


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