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In sci-fi films, we are demonstrated how truly wherever individuals are served by robots. Truly all over: in bars and eateries, clubs, in spaceports. Indeed, even autos are controlled via automatics; a man is staying there as a traveler. The “living” staff, if there is one, is actually two or three individuals and is planned to settle “non-standard” circumstances when the robot “does not comprehend”, or a Network disappointment and different circumstances have happened. Numerous miracles: how before long will such a future come?

Presently in Japan, in the USA, there are firms that mass-create and are occupied with the exploratory advancement of robots that are expected for the family unit. In China, these robots are gathered as a once huge mob. Presently it is very conceivable to get a robot vacuum cleaner or a robot hound that will convey your things to you and divert the pointless. In industry, there have for some time been CNC machines, and additionally completely automated gear.

In any case, now we will discuss robots, which are intended to serve you in a bar or a dance club. The organization that grows such robots is called Yanu. She introduced to the general population the barkeep of a similar name. The film “Back to the Future-2” everybody recalls how a robot in a bistro poured the primary character a cola with ice. Here it resembles. Remotely, the robot appears in Figure 1 underneath, a Network is a man for correlation.

The robot is a completely independent bar counter. Man-made brainpower enables individuals to speak with him as a living individual, to express their desires, and in addition get installments. Valuable, the robot will have the capacity to contain up to 50 bottles with different beverages. To apportion drinks, the robot will have a “hand”, and the robot will have the capacity to make mixed drinks freely, notwithstanding issuing “clean” drinks. The program will be “sewn up” every conceivable mixed drink and the program of their arrangement (for instance, some sort of “Blue Tidal pond” or “Sex on the Shoreline”). Altogether, up to 2000 beverages and mixed drinks can be put away in memory. The conveyance rate will be up to 100-150 beverages for each hour, which will enhance the nature of administration.

Yanu will have its own “cloud” benefit focus, where specialists can remotely analyze if there should arise an occurrence of issues and make suggestions for investigating. Additionally, obviously, there will be “visiting” authorities.

Things being what they are, in the title, I made reference to Blockchain, at that point where is it? It’s basic, with it you will pay for the request. The Network will dispatch its very own token Yanu, with which you can pay.

The organization will make its own versatile application for installment by tokens of requests. Likewise, the robot barkeep will acknowledge ordinary cards and money for installment, yet when you pay with tokens you get VIP status.

How about we aggregate up. Certainly, mechanical technology will improve our life, make it more advantageous. Be that as it may, usually to every single reasonable word. Consider a particular case of a robot Yanu. This mechanical bar counter will enable stimulation settings to fundamentally enhance the nature of administration, while upkeep expenses will be altogether decreased. Such a robot takes up significantly less space than a standard bar counter. The simple presence of such a robot will also draw in clients of the bar or club. It will end up being a “calling card” of the foundation yet before the beginning of the mass presentation of such robots.

Since October 10, the primer offers of Yanu tokens will start. By obtaining them, you are putting resources into an inventive improvement that will give you a major wage later on. These tokens will be sold unreservedly on different trades, and the advancement of the organization will give the world a helpful thing.

More Data:

Site: https://yanu.ai/ico/

White Paper: https://yanu.ai/ico/Yanu_whitepaper_9aug.pdf

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4797172.0

telegram: https://t.me/yanubountychat

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