YAYPROTO – The Decentralized Money Transfer System

Encryption technologies, since their inception, have been constantly evolving, and at the moment are the most persistent method of protecting information from third parties. However, the human factor still remains as a vulnerable place. Encryption keys can be stolen, modified, or intercepted in one way or another; and they might be used in illegal actions. The concept of bitcoin has brought a new hope in the modern world of the Internet to guarantee the invariability of information by a third party. The information transmitted once between entities is kept unchanged and can not be subject to an unauthorized modification.

YAYPROTO is an encryption technology that has evolved from scratch and is now the most stable way to protect third party information. However, the human factor remains fragile. Encryption keys can be stolen, tampered with, or tapped. This can be used for illegal actions. The concept of bit coin has brought new hope into the modern world of the Internet to ensure the failure of information by third parties. Information sent once between entities will not be altered and unauthorized changes will not be made.

YayProto is the world’s first multipurpose double convention worked with a decentralized innovation in mind. Beta adaptations of SDK’s for building portable apps(iOS/Android) are prepared to be circulated by ask. Work area SDKs will be declared soon. Minor defects are conceivable. Bug reports are welcome.

Collected best as a main priority:

  • Awesome Messenger (visit, sound and video calls, gathering)
  • P2P-Money exchange stage (Hawala Banking)
  • Marketplace for neighborhood business/administrations (lodging, protection, advertises, any sort of a physical business that needs to go on the web)
  • Ultimate Privacy and Security with encryption keys put away in blockchain


Our goal is to create a decentralized cryptographic-resistant messaging system for private transactions.

YayFon Messenger has all of the standard functions, such as the transmission of text, images, voice, video, files, stickers, groups, all protected with end-to-end encryption using Elliptic Curve Cryptography algorithm. More features coming soon.

  • Bots
  • Public groups
  • Sticker market combined with Sticker SDK for developers to allow develop and earn YFN
  • All data will be transferred securely using YayProto, proprietary protocol, specifically designed for mobile networks

P2P money transfer

  • Real time money transaction platform
  • Real time crowd lending platform
  • Ranking system will be executed for P2P transfer and lending


With YayProto Lending we aim to provide an alternative decentralized lending solution to individuals and businesses using the innovative blockchain technology. Having in backend YayProto, there will be a platform developed, which will use cryptocurrency alongside fiat currency for the purposes of peer-to-peer lending.

YayProto Lending platform enables people across the globe to lend or borrow Bitcoin, Ethereum and Fiat currency and thus be a part of global decentralised financial services.

Our team strongly believes in great potential of peer-to-peer lending. Through the ICO we aim to make these services more affordable, transparent and reliable.


  • Provide your computing power and network speed for supporting the system and earn YFN.
  • Share and receive rare and unique content and earn our benefits. 


  • International and local money transfer

Users can enter the recipient’s address directly into their wallet and send quick transfers to anywhere in the world.

  • Wallet

YayProto Wallet is an alternative to traditional banking with a better way to spend, save and share money. It is absolutely fee-free and straight from mobile application!

  • P2P Exchange

YayProto platform allows to connect a large number of individuals to trade cryptocurrencies across the globe

  • Card

The virtual and physical cards will be issued with the function to connect virtual assets in the finance sphere.

  • Lending

P2P Financing & Investing Platform which enables a single individual or group of people to issue loans. YayProto tokens will be used to determine the credit score and are considered as important part of the system.

  • Built-in encrypted messenger

A full-feature decentralized private, secure and encrypted messaging app. It is also capable of sending multimedia, and also support live encryption of all multimedia streams. The app enables to send money P2P

  • Shopping Offline

A free online marketplace where people can securely and reliably buy and sell any items you wish using cryptocurrency. Like any regular marketplaces it will have all features you need to manage your stores.

Token Sale and ICO

Currency received: ETH, BTC

Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 7500 YFN 1 BTC = 75000 YFN

Number of tokens per one person: unlimited

Number of minimum transactions: 1 ETH, 0.04 BTC

Maximum transaction amount: unlimited

Tim YayProto Farid Amrahov (Founder & CEO) Managing and operating a number of IT related businesses. Has a strong business development background . Responsible for determining YayProto’s vision. Jamil Abdullayev (Co-founder, CTO) Professional with 17+ years experience in IT and telecommunication industry. Working at a number of leading IT companies where he leads most of the prominent IT projects.

More info:

PRE-IСO [12 February, 2018 – 26 March, 2018]

IСO [23 April, 2018 – 28 May, 2018]



For more information, please visit:

Website: https://ico.yayfon.com

Whitepaper: https://ico.yayfon.com/whitepaper

Twitter: https://twitter.com/YayProto

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YayProto

ANN Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3004803

Telegram: https://t.me/YayProto_ICO

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC17nf13s9jPvcwCKuNjTUsQ

Author: JigaMola

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1847143


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