Online betting games industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, latest research has over 2.3billion of users who produced a massive revenue and value for entrepreneurs and companies (over $105 billion yearly) even at this there are a lot of issues affecting the system. One of the major issues affecting the online betting games system is lack of transparency. Users are not given the opportunity to detect or know what is going on inside the casino’s servers and how the mechanisms are programmed thereby exposing the whole system to rigging.

There should be a reliable way for players to do their betting without been expose to rigging , like we all aware of this that before an idea come to your mind is as well been revealed in the mind of a thousand of persons.

YOBET as a platform has conceived and birthed this idea of bringing transparency in to the online betting game platform in order to satisfy its rapid growth demand.

Yobet platform will solve transparency problem in online betting games industry by using ethereum smart contract. With this random numbers and payouts can be ruled out publicly and implemented on ethereum blockchain.  However, player can see everything that is happening in the system. For example, player will be able to see and know the reasons why transactions are moving and most importantly the mechanism for randomness. Nothing is hidden in yobet platform.

YOBET will give players all their information and transactions, providing assurance of a fair operation. However, Players will receive immediate payouts, greatly improving gameplay. In yobet platform, there would be no lag in games or any problems while players are playing games. Wow! What promise fulfilling platform.



There are numerous benefits you can get while using yobet platform that can never be gotten elsewhere which includes the following;

  1.  Maximum transparency and fairness
  2. It would unite players with fairness and transparency
  3. The investors who purchase Yobet token will be protected with a more stable price.
  4. Bringing the most creative, hottest games in the world
  5. Bankroll game is based on the fair rules established by Yobet
  6. Offering more games like BlackJack, Poker, Dice, and Sports Betting
  7. Establishing enough rules. This makes trust the game players on the Yobet
  8. Yo token holders can play online betting games
  9. Offering 0% edge based on the Ethereum blockchain
  10. Increasing market share make the project profitable and sustainable
  11. Organizing a guidance and discussion about Yobet’s games for community
  12. Providing an Integrated chat box

Yobet  team are well experienced and familiarized with various domain such as online betting, gambling, casinos, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, marketing and finance.

Yobet Token

The Token is ticked as YO. It is ERC20 compliant; it is created on Ethereum  blockchain. The total supply of Yobet token is recorded as 3, 000,000,000 (3 billion) where 66% of it is Circulating.

The currency in Yobet’s betting game ecosystem will be yobet Token. This implies that Yo token would be used to play in the Yobet online betting games. It will be circulated in the game floor and traded freely. Yobet also allows people to invest profitably and earn returns securely. With the value of the Yobet token being based on the value in the Yobet’s game betting ecosystem, the investors who purchase Yobet token will be protected with a more stable price. Yobet would be listed on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges giving Yobet token high liquidity.

The total token will be allocated as follows;

  • Game Fund – 50% ( 1,500,000,000 Token )
  • Marketing – 8% ( 240,000,000 Token )
  • Investor – 30% ( 900,000,000 )
  • Dev Team – 4% ( 120,000,00 )
  • Airdrop and bounty – 8% ( 240,000,000 )


In conclusion,Yobet is very much aware of the problems hurdles the online betting game industry and has designed the very best technology (smart contract ) to solve it which is the innovative solution that will make online betting game industry vibrant, entertaining and future oriented.

Yobet provides the fairest, transparent, and user friendly online betting games ecosystem; where gamers can entertain and enjoy themselves with delightful moments.

Join yobet online betting platform now and liberate your gaming world.

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