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Waste management is a serious problem in many parts of the world. Improper disposal of waste can cause a lot of environmental, ecological and healthcare issues. Swachhcoin intends to change the way by which the waste management industry works by using the Internet of Things, blockchain technology, adaptive intelligence, big data and other technologies.

The main aim of Swachhcoin is to address the issue dealing with the so much waste that is created and also to increase the efficiency and profitability of the waste management industry. 
Let us know about SWACHHCOIN
Swachhcoin Foundation is a non profit organization whose primary objective is to work extensively to overhaul the waste management sector by acting as a complete technology developer and service provider in this domain. Swachhcoin will make the existing waste management industries as efficient and capable as possible so that they become technologically and otherwise able to tackle the imminent waste management crisis the world faces at this very moment. Apart from working with industries, Swachhcoin will develop an ecosystem where individuals on a mass level are made aware of the possibilities of waste around them so that they understand their roles and responsibility and act accordingly.
Swachhcoin has said,
“Throughout the world, mankind is facing a massive problem of too much waste and scarcity of resources. The amount of waste being produced has kept on increasing over the years, and the trend is expected to continue aggressively. According to some estimates, annual global waste generation is expected to reach approximately 2.5 Billion Tonnes well before the year 2030.” 
They want to focus on the aspect that the so much waste that is created is not converted efficiently into usable products. According to Swachhcoin’s whitepaper,
“The amount of waste that being recycled or processed to make useful products out of it has completely failed to catch up with the waste generation levels.” 
Swachhcoin brands itself as a non-profit organization. They want to make the existing waste management industries efficient and capable of acting as a provider of service and developer of technology in this sphere. Not only does it intend to work with industries, but, they also plan to develop an ecosystem whereby they can influence the waste management habits of individuals on a mass scale. 
Swachhcoin wants to incentivize people monetarily who puts to dispose off the waste properly. It wants to build an ecosystem for this purpose utilizing IoT, blockchain, adaptive intelligence, and other technologies. The ecosystem will revolve around the Swachh tokens. 
According to Swachhcoin, the users of the platform will receive monetary incentives in exchange for managing their waste properly. The processes waste will lead to at least 20 different products or outputs. The platform also believes that this initiative will gradually change the way how waste is disposed all over the world. 
The different technologies that they will use include:
Swatel or Swatch Adaptive Intelligence, Swata or Swachh Big Data, Swiot or Swachh Internet of Things and SWBIN or Swachh Bins. 
The token distribution
The token distribution of Swachhcoin is as follows:
69% of the tokens will be for crowd sale, 9% for the team behind the project, 8% for Swault, 7% for advisors and partners, 4% for bounty and 3% for philanthropy. 
The fund allocation
The funds that Swachhcoin will raise will be spent in the following manner:
70% of the funds will be spent on development of the Platform and the Model Plant, 10% will be kept as the working capital, 10% will be held in the treasury, 5% for marketing and 5% for the development of the blockchain. 
Swachhcoin is located in India. 
The softcap for Swachhcoin’s ICO is 5,000,000 USD while the hardcap will be 18,000,000 USD. The pre-ICO price of 1 Swachhcoin token or SCX will be 0.04 USD while the actual price will be 0.075 USD. There are a total of 400 million Swachh tokens. 
The team
Founder and CEO: Aditya Kumar
 Co-founder and COO: Prashant Chaturvedi
 Chief Administrative Officer: Alok Yadav
 Chief Financial Officer: Aditya Vikram Singh
Swachhcoin makes a lot of claims about the waste management system that they are going to come up with. Their intention is good, but their whitepaper does not lay out the exact details as to how they will plan to execute their project. If you are planning to invest in Swachhcoin’s ICO, do so only after reading and understanding the offer document correctly. 
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