Youseeme and Bartwallet are the eWallets ecosystem and loyalty award program, which connects the crypto community and traditional consumers. Bartwallet is the first eWallet that combines the payment and trading functions of the all-in-one. Share with friends and family, pay merchants, exchange cryptocurrency, or assets and commodities and store them safely in your wallet portfolio.

Octave-UCME is a Tokenised Marketplace pioneer and community concept for consumers and businesses worldwide. This allows a fully decentralized commercial relationship between business and users, based on proximity. Offers a user-friendly, new and unique communication and payment model. Octave-UCME operates its own payment platform for FIAT and CRYPTOCURRENCIES. It allows traditional payments and mobile E-Wallet transactions, for the next generation Mobile Commerce Application. We own and operate two mobile applications. Youseeme, a market that uses eWallet to trade goods and services, and Bartwallet, an application trading platform, specifically developed to trade crypto currencies. For economies of scale, both use a unique and safe technical office.

Established, centralized and unequal financial forces are built on greed and excessive demands. That makes the rich get richer and poorer the poorer. It can no longer fulfill the needs of our 21st century life. Blockchain technology has revolutionized the Internet and presents an attractive alternative. A new decentralized financial model emerged; and it shifts power and resources back to society. Youseeme’s proposition, which utilizes Blockchain technology, is ready to spearhead this positive trend. We offer a portfolio of specialized, low-cost and high-paid services that are built to enhance the consumer and business community. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain networks have shown the advantages of a decentralized transaction ledger.

About you

The project itself has a decentralized structure through presenting the Blockchain innovation, and is referred to as something else – YouSeeMe. In addition, YouSeeMe itself is an organization cryptographic wallet that covers everything, that is, where you as a client can save your coins, but also exchange them whenever it is profitable for you.

Meanwhile, YouSeeMe will allow you to always connect with your friends, so you can exchange computerized resources with them anytime or share them as needed.

YouSeeMe Design Features

If we talk about important things from the YouSeeMe project, there are several. First of all, this task combines two parallel applications, each of which is responsible for gathering its own capacity and instruments. If YouSeeMe has its own crypto wallet and an extraordinary database of various shops, bistros and restaurants, at that time with the help of Bartcoin, clients will have an unimaginable opportunity to exchange and trade digital money combined through interior tokens (BARC).

YouSeeMe Advantages

As I said earlier, the YouSeeMe project will offer a very large determination of various items and administration, where each trader will be happy to offer one of his patience programs to the YouSeeMe framework. Therefore, the client will almost certainly gather the focus he gets, just as later to re-trade it for several items or administration, or money out as an advantage from Fiat. Shopping with YouSeeMe will be fun, because you will continue to be aware of your current equation, and have the capacity to choose the important things you have to change from your current resources with the least commission and different costs.

Note that this application can be accessed for various mobile phones, which makes it useful, but can be accessed throughout the world. All things considered, with YouSeeMe you can pay for all types of purchases and administration, regardless of whether it is open transportation, or installments of the value of rent, purchase of goods, or installments for dinner in a restaurant. This will be a thank you that can be accessed by YouSeeMe and even without a Bank card, which I believe is very helpful and down to earth!

YouSeeMe Detail ICO

As you have officially understood, the closest token (BARC) will be used to do most of the capacity within this framework. It itself is based on the Ethereum blockchain from the standard ERC-20 token. Overall, 165 million coins with an estimated 1 EUR per 1 BARC will be issued for platform upgrades. In any case, progress groups provide various advancements and rewards to novice members and open transactions. Returns from the agreement will be coordinated with the improvement of this task.

Final thoughts

Given the large number of such businesses, it is difficult to state which of them is increasingly destined to advance, however, interest in bidding. In this way, this group has stepped up and offered the world of thought as an attempt by YouSeeMe. However, to reflect on highlights, it is important to dive deeper into highlights that are not wrong, in relation to existing competitors.

In line with this, I strongly suggest that you read the business white book carefully before making a dynamic move on this project. To do this, I have arranged all the important summaries of data assets, where you will find all the basic data about YouSeeMe. I am currently closing the audit. Until next time!



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