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Hi friends If you are interested in joining the YouSeeMe project, you should read reviews that can help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission. Here’s the review:

In the world, there are still very few high-quality solutions that can do anything about popularizing cryptocurrency in the masses. Many projects that we repeatedly consider with you have flaws and nuances that hinder their rapid development.

One of the most common topics among crypto-currency developers is the infrastructure that allows users to interact with the real world more quickly and more comfortably to have digital assets on their balances.

The project, which we will consider today, also sets global goals, seeks to destroy the barriers that exist between cryptocurrency and other goods, products and services from our lives.

About the project

The project itself has a form of decentralization through the introduction of Blockchain technology, and it’s referred to as the opposite – YouSeeMe. In addition, YouSeeMe itself is a long-format cryptocurrency wallet, that is, in which you as a user can not only save your coins, but also exchange them at any time convenient for you.

At the same time, YouSeeMe will allow you to keep in touch with your friends, so you can exchange your digital assets with them at any time or share them as needed.


As I said earlier, the YouSeeMe project will offer a large selection of different products and services, where each trader will be happy to offer a unique loyalty program to users of the YouSeeMe system. Thanks to that the user can accumulate points received, as well as in the future to exchange them for several products or services, or cash in the form of Fiat’s profits. Shopping with YouSeeMe will be fun, because you will always be aware of your current balance, and be able to choose the features you need to convert your current assets with the lowest Commission and other fees.

It is important to note that this application is available for all types of smartphones, which makes it not only convenient, but also available throughout the world. After all, with YouSeeMe you will be able to pay for all types of purchases and services, whether public transportation, or payment of rental prices, product purchases, or payments for dinner at restaurants. All of this will be available thanks to YouSeeMe and even without a Bank card, which in my opinion is very convenient and practical!

ICO Details

As you already understand, local tokens (BARC) will be used to perform most functions in this system. It itself was developed based on the Ethereum blockchain from the standard ERC-20 token. In total, 165 million coins with an initial value of 1 EUR per 1 BARC will be issued for platform development. However, the development team provided various promotions and bonuses to the initial and public sales participants. The proceeds from the sale will be directed to the development of this project.

The token distribution is as follows:


Given the large number of such projects, it is difficult to say which of those who are more destined to succeed, however, demand creates supply. Therefore, the development team and the world offer their ideas in the form of the YouSeeMe project. But to learn about its features, it is necessary to delve deeper into its distinctive features, relative to existing competitors. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you read the project’s white paper carefully before taking active action on this project. To do this, I have prepared all the list of information resources needed, where you will find all the information needed about YouSeeMe

For detailed information, please visit official:

Bitcointalk username: Sinseykoin
ETH address: 0x9D874c1951933B1d4409077bfAb2e2e169E4f3C2


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