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A second world, that’s what online gaming presents to the players today. So close to being real yet so unreal in terms of the platforms, challenges and plethora of worlds, heroes, cults, and fantasies they offer. A treasure quest, military operations, castle building and what not. Try and build castles in the air and you get a generation addicted to such games. For them, it’s as serious a business as the pinpoint precision NASA looks for while launching missiles! My cousin brother, for instance,proudly mentions in his FB profile that he works for American Sector coop – another gaming platform and mentions himself as ‘The Kirri’.I was in a state of shock at first that he had moved to States to work there. My foolishness and his pride!

Multiplayer, single player games, platforms and communities operate to help fellow gamers. Thousands of man-hours spent daily in cracking the codes or jumping the next level. The online gaming scenario is a serious business today standing at $109 billion with investments growing by leaps and bounds and sure to cross the $200 B mark by 2020. Gamers are still dependent on third-party game item trading sites. This creates fraud issues, security concerns, non transferability of the items earned, uselessness of the value earned outside the game to name some.

Also, the existing centralized payment system is heavy on the pocket,often delayed and less transparent, offer too less multi-payment options and is highly prone to fraud.

The gamers are not compensated for the reviews, feedback, and content they create on youtube and other such platforms for promotion.

Like the hero ‘Yumerium’ comes to the rescue of all, merging smart contracts and decentralization offered through blockchains, to sabotage the above-mentioned rascals and save its own army of gamers. It wants to soak in the benefits of early capture through the introduction of an all-pervasive token YUM that will provide for all the transactions, investments and promotions concerning the games.

It will further enlarge its scope by allowing partner games and its own games to participate in the ecosystem.

To disrupt online gaming and decentralize through smart contracts the founders came up with SUBDREAM LABS that brought together key talents and richly experienced veterans from the gaming industry. The labs released highly popular online games such as Mega overload, kingdom watcher etc and further ventured into the offline game arcade.

The next step would be the launch of their own native Yumerium supported mining game – cryptomine in web/ios/android and other such platforms. The platform will then be finally opened to broader game partners. The implications of Yumerium involve the following aspects:

It will provide the game with a seedling Yum fund to attract players. Players will then play, share and review to mine or earn the tokens.
Gamers will be rewarded for watching promotional videos, sharing links on social media platforms etc. It will be a true incentive based viral marketing.
The platform will further ensure crowdfunding to the new games. The Yum can be utilized for funding marketing activities.
Blockchain benefits will ensure lesser frauds, minimum transaction costs, removal of middlemen and instant payments.
Yumerium will continue with its token and in future will accept payments in BTC and ETH too.


The Yum token is a multi-utility token relevant for gamers and game developers alike. It will be used as a mode of payment to buy game money and other items, as rewards, and as marketing and other investments.

The token is built on Ethereum platform. The price of 1 YUM will be USD 0.1. The accepted mode of payment will be USD, BTC and ETH. The hard cap is fixed at 500,000,000 tokens. 50% of the funds will be used for building native yumerium games.

The presale of tokens will take place between April 22nd and May 12, 2018(discounts will vary from 30% to 10%). The public sale will take place from 13th of May to 19th of May at a discount of 5%.


Yumerium will be another disruption that will further advances in the gaming industry.It will be a community working towards gaining entertainment and momentum at the same time. Blockchain is the cult and fast becoming the custom for online ecosystems where all cooperate but none rules. The team behind this venture is the driving force. A ladder approach to alter the scope and broaden the gaming horizon is here to stay.

The early stage games can access crowdfunding through the platform. Stakes are high with visions limited to the gaming sphere to appeal the minds of a section of the online populace. Still, the venture offers enough opportunities for growth and acquisition of yum tokens through its mining and reward systems. Such transparency and simplicity of operations will attract more gamers and investors likewise in future. YUMERIUM will let the cult amass the online wealth and be a party to the revolution called YUM.

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