Games remain one of the favorite entertainment of mankind. In a short period of time, they have evolved to such an extent that they are confused with the reality around us. Around the games formed a whole caste, which includes experts, professional players, reviewers and ordinary gamers. The most talented and enterprising of them manage to get an income that allows you not to go to the usual work.

The essence of the project

The developers of Yumerium intend to kill several birds with one stone. Gamers promise an abundance of available games that you can not only buy. Playing them, people will earn. For reviews, content creation and attraction of new adepts, players will be paid by developers.
The creators of the games will receive a platform for distribution and promotion. At the same time, unnecessary intermediaries and distributors are eliminated from the usual sales chain, which positively affects the transparency of the industry. Increased profits developers share with players for the promotion of their development. Now the platform has five games, and one is available for free.
In addition, Yumerium will support developers of new games for its platform. They will be given the opportunity to conduct ICO using the Yumerium token. The games are usually played by the younger generation, familiar with new technologies and blockchain. Thus, already in the early stages of development, players will be able to support developers who will respond to them in return.
The use of the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts will allow all participants of the ecosystem to make profits quickly.

ICO details

Tokens (YUM) can be purchased with bitcoin, ether, and the us dollar at a price of $0.1 per piece. Hardcap is 316,906,850 YUM. 50% of the coins are reserved for sale, 20% will be spent on network seeding, the team and advisors will take 20%, and 10% Remains in reserve. Now vengeance are the stages of pre-sale, and the main stage will last from 11 to 24 July. Depending on the time of purchase, the bonus token can be from 30% to 5%.
The distribution of funds collected in the ICO:
  • 50% on new game development;
  • 20% on marketing;
  • 15% on the functioning of the platform;
  • 10% on coins issue;
  • 5% on legal issues.

Project team



Thanks to the team of competent developers, the project received good reviews and prospects. Both developers and players are interested in its success. It remains to rejoice at the emergence of a new round in the development of the gaming industry.

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