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The market of computer games in 2018 will exceed one hundred billion dollars. The Yumerium project team, which will be discussed today, plans to occupy 10% of this market by 2023. And for this there are all prerequisites. Ten years of experience developing and distributing games in conjunction with a keen desire to make a revolution in the game world, creating an ecosystem in which each participant can earn on their activity: developers on the development, bloggers on the distribution of content, and players – playing games. So, today’s review is devoted to the most interesting project Yumerium.

The idea of ​​the concept of “Making money playing” or, as it sounds in English “Earn to play”, existed for a long time. But no one has been able to realize it enough to make it live and be profitable. There are several reasons for this:

✔ Modern financial systems do not allow for micro financial transactions;

✔ Any cash transactions, even the most minimal, have a minimum commission, in any case. Therefore, modern earnings systems on the game are limited to the model of earning game points, which is by no means the only scheme with the potential of rewarding for activity;

✔ There is no technical capability for direct automatic p2p communication between all participants in the gaming system: players, developers, distributors – mediation and direct control are necessary in all communication processes.

And so on. Fraud, delays, lack of transparency – we will not dwell on each of these problems in detail. Because it’s the problems of the whole fiat world, in principle.

With all this can handle the technology Block. And the Yumerium team takes on this task.

Yumerium is an ecosystem for mutually beneficial cooperation of gamers, developers and game distributors. In fact, it is a self-developing living system with a minimal human factor. In Yumerium the income will be able to receive everything:

✔ Gamers. They will receive a reward for progress in their game. This may well be a real work for them;

✔ Distributors. These are all those who participate in the dissemination of content to the outside world, involving new participants in the ecosystem. It looks like Bounty campaigns and Aerdrops, only for games. This can also serve as a real job;

✔ Developers. They already earn on development. Only now their earnings will directly depend on how much they gamble in their brainchild.

So, we see that in Yumerium everyone earns by doing their favorite thing.

Yumerium, similarly, will allow integrating existing games into its ecosystem. This moment is very important. Because now it becomes clear that they create not just a new market, but become an integrator for the existing one. Therefore, 10% of the computer games market is quite realistic.


The Yumerium Team

The founders of Yumerium are the world’s leading experts with many implemented projects behind them.

In the development team of Yumerium, there are also stars in the development of computer games. They know a lot about creating interesting games and promoting them. Details about each of them can be found through the profiles of Linkedin, which are on the site.

It is also worth paying attention to the adviser’s staff. Each of the representatives is the notorious person of the global gaming community.

Details of ICO Yumerium

Short name of the token: YUMThe standard of smart contract: Ethereum (ERC-20)

Hard cap: 316,906,850 YUM

The price of one YUM: $ 0.1

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USD

Conclusions about the Yumerium project

The market of games, in itself, has always attracted investors, as one of the most profitable. And here is the implementation of the concept of Earn to play, which dreamed generations of game developers. The project is now underway, just yet, PreSale, and as many other projects have been collected for the entire ICO. Also, we can note the 10-year experience of the team in the game industry. All this is a big plus in the project’s potential. Now, you can say, only the beginning of the ICO, so YUM tokens can be bought at a bargain price. 

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