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What is Z-POP Dreams?

The Z-POP DREAM Project is the first global entertainment ecosystem to discover hidden talent through pop music! Starting from the Asian scale, then to the rest of the world, and helping accelerate the rise of their talents to pop music stars who join hands with hundreds of millions of K-POP music fans spread all over the world, and create a global token economy in the $ 46 billion global music market . Z-POP DREAM was founded by a professional team that created global K-POP music stars such as PSY, Girls’ Generation, BTS, EXO, and WannaOne.

Business model The project has a star-making business and a global online monetization platform. On the one hand, the results from ITO will be used to accelerate creating infrastructure for this star-making business, and on the other hand it will create a global online monetization platform, which will validate revenue opportunities generated by star-making businesses, including ticket concerts, merchandise, online content and entrance tickets to exclusive events.

Being a pop star isn’t just smiling in front of a camera and going on vacation. being a pop star is very draining, sweat and tears are just to make all music listeners move with rhythm and dance and do the best of your ability. As well as working hard to make connections, promote yourself, and always bring your music anywhere to become famous and go up to the next level. Think about what makes you a pop star?

Sometimes having talent is not enough to make you a top star. Therefore, there are always new breakthroughs and innovations to overcome various problems in the world. In addition to solutions such as holding auditions, now there is a solution that is oriented towards technological progress in the blockchain field. The project name is Z-POP Dreams. Yes, mix blockchain with Z-Pop. Very interesting isn’t it? Here are some of the reviews that I will give just for you, FREE. You can also contribute to the project through ICO or the good news is that the Z-POP Crowdsale DREAM project starts this summer. will be available to contributors and fans. These projects will not only give fans exclusive access to merchandise and content, but also a rare opportunity to be an influential part of the creation of K-POP Star from the beginning. The price of one token at the white list stage is $ 0.08.


Z-POP DREAM The opportunity to grow and buy.

Through the involvement of Blockchain, the IMP-Z-POP, the IMP-Z-POP has come into being. Many aspiring artists in the world may never have the opportunity to realize their dreams. The Z-POP DREAM project wants to give their dreamers a chance to achieve their goals. This will help accelerate their resurrection and become a star

Creating a Global Economic Token Economy – all backed by hundreds of millions of K-POP music fans around the world. In addition, it is supported by K-POP production professionals who help make famous celebrities as PSY, BTS and Girls generation global stars.


The Z-POP DREAM project addresses 3 major issues that are common in the music industry, but is sometimes unknown to most people.

Dreamer Problem: Hidden talent has no chance.

Fan Issue: Fans are not considered when creating stars.

Problems of the music industry: High barriers for stars on a global scale.



In facing these problems, The Z-POP DREAM Project Has been Taken several approaches, including :

1. Discover and nurture hidden Stars

The Z-POP DREAM Project will set up Z-POP Star Academies in 10 countries and regions outside Korea — Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. Future stars will be created by Korea’s tried and tested advanced star training methodology. The project gives talents a realistic chance to rise to stardom.

2. Empower Fans to grow Stars

The project will give fans the voting interest through our online platform. Fan votes will play a crucial role in decisive events such as auditions and award ceremonies. Adopting the Ethereum blockchain technology, the project makes the voting transparent and trustworthy. The Z-POP DREAM Project offers fans the opportunity to grow their favorite stars.

3. Grow Stars into Global Stars

K-POP is the fastest growing music sector in the world and breaking down global barriers, as first demonstrated by Psy’s smashing hit ‘Gangnam Style’. The legacy is carried forward by groups like Girl’s Generation, BTS, and WannaOne. The project will create global stars using the successful K-POP music production formula blended with new cultural elements, K-POP’s huge global fan base, and stadium-scale global audition event to be aired internationally by TV broadcasting stations.
The projects will not use their own blockchain, because using ethereum blockchain and a smart contract is enough to Issue and manage base currency in the ecosystem, making digital media licensing and tracking of content distribution and ensure trustworthiness of all transactions and fan voting.

Token Name/Symbol : ZPOP

Platform : Ethereum ERC20

Planned date of public sale : October 2018*

Token price at whitelist : 1 ZPOP = USD 0.08

Total supply : 4,000,000,000

Soft Cap : USD 10,000,000

Soft Cap : USD 100,000,000


Accepted currency during the ITO : ETH, BTC, BCH, fiat currencies

Unsold tokens during the public sale will be burned by smart contract

The Overview of the music industry

The global music industry currently generates $ 46 billion in revenues worldwide. Although it is one of the oldest forms of entertainment, it continues to grow, develop, and is supported by innovative technology. Filled, technological innovation has dramatically changed the production and distribution of accounts. However, social media and mobile internet have increased their influence — empowering fans and improving the way global hits are made.

Token Sale


The Team

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