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Welcome my dear friends.Today, I traditionally write to you floating in the Gulf of Thailand.And it is not strange to talk about one promising Asian project.
Today we will talk about a rather unusual symbiosis of cryptocurrency and musical creativity – this is a Korean project Of z-dream-pop. His motto is”stars Grow – tokens Grow”.
. It is planned that with its help a system will be created that will allow to reveal musical talents, develop them and promote them together with the development of the Korean market of pop music and cryptocurrency.

The business model of the project describes both the identification of potential stars and their development, and the creation of a global platform for online monetization. Revenue from the ICO project will be directed to the development of the project infrastructure and its further development, including – obtaining additional profits from e-Commerce and sales on the Internet: tickets for concerts, exclusive events, online content and branded products.
The authors of the project Z-dream-pop want to solve several problems:

“The problem of the dreamer” – hidden talents often do not get a chance to Express themselves;
“Fan Problem” – fans stay out of the process of creating a “star»;
“The problem of the music industry” – the barrier that the artist must step over to obtain world status is very high;
To solve the above problems is proposed in the following way:
Discover and educate as many hidden “stars”as possible. For this purpose, specialized academies will be created – “I am a pop star” in 10 countries and regions outside Korea: the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. The artists will be trained on already worked out methods Of s-dream-pop to get a real chance to rise to fame;
Allow fans to participate in the development of the”star”. This participation will be realized by voting through a special online platform. The voices of the fans will be taken into account, for example, at such stages as listening, rehearsal or awarding. The blockchain technology on the basis of Ethereum will allow to make the vote a powerful and safe tool for both artist and fans. Thus, fans will be able to influence the development of the ” star»;

To prepare “stars” at once for the world market. Korean pop music is the fastest growing market in the world of show business. Doubt? Then remember the hit Psy in the “Gangnam Style”. On the same principles are developing now such groups as: generation girls, BTS and WannaOne. Thanks to K-pop fans not only in Korea, but all over the world, due to the promotion of elements of Oriental culture and large-scale performances in the open areas, it is planned to bring little-known artists to a high world level.
Will the Z-dream-pop project be able to resolve these issues? Its authors are sure-YES! After all, the key persons behind the project are professional producers and have extensive experience in the show business. They are at the origins of such already popular bands and artists: psi, boa, TVXQ, super Junior, generation of girls, Big Bang, 2NE1, EXO, BTS and want one. Moreover, more and more successful specialists in the field of Korean show business are joining the project. The basis of the draft S-dream-pop company Zenith Media group in Hong Kong and Zenith Media contents in Korea and their leaders – Mr. Kang (Mr. Kang) and Mr. Kamishima (Mr. Kameshima) for the past 6 years engaged in the popularization of K-pop and the creation of new “stars”.

Project partners: NAVERE TV, Pandora.tv, CCS, point SA Bayan, Viva.
The token that was released to support the Z-dream-pop project was named ZPOP. It uses the ethereum erc-20 standard in its work. The planned date for the launch of sales is October 2018. Course: 1 ZPOP = 0.08 $ US.
The creators of this project: young Kang (Kang Jun) – founder, a veteran of the Korean showbiz. Norimitsu Kameshima (Norimitsu Kameshima) – founder, a successful businessman in the entertainment industry. Douglas Richard ( Richard Douglas) is the main partner, an experienced specialist in the American film industry. Jung Hong Kim (Kim Jung – Hong), partner, Finance Director, provides a solid financial basis for the project.
The project is very young-in the Wake of the popularity of Korean groups in the world in January 2018, the idea was proposed to establish the S-dream-pop. By may, a team and the main directions of development have been formed, and in October 2018 it is planned to launch tokens for open sale to raise funds to support the project.
This is quite an unusual project-on the one hand, it seems that not so popular Korean “stars” and special profit here is not worth waiting, but on the other hand, if it will blow up the world of pop music as well as the hit “Gangnam Style”, it will be quite attractive and profitable. Time will tell!

More about the project:

Site: https://z-popdream.io/
Technical document: https://z-popdream.io/docs/whitepapers/zpopdream-whitepaper-en.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/zpopdream
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zpopdream
Telegram: https://t.me/zpopdream
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/zpopdream



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