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economy in the global music market reaching $ 46 billion, hand in hand with hundreds of millions of K-POP music fans spread all over the world. Z-POP DREAM Published by a professional team that gave birth to global K-POP music stars such as PSY, Girls’ Generation, BTS, EXO, and WannaOne, the Z-POP DREAM Project will build a global ecosystem to find hidden pop music.

Z-POP DREAM Project is a global entertainment ecosystem to discover hidden pop music talents from all around the world, accelerate their rise to stardom and create a global token economy market and all powered by hundreds of millions of K-POP music fans spread across the world. The team is consist of creators of K-POP legendary stars and have contributed to production work of following K-POP stars such as Psy, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Big Bang, EXO and many more.


The Z-POP Dream project handles 3 main problems that often occur in the music industry but cannot be accessed by most people.

  • Dreamer Problem: Hidden talent is not shared.
  • Fan Problem: Fans are left out of the star formation process.
  • Music Industry Issues: High barriers to stars entering the global scale.


The Z-POP DREAM Project aims to solve this problem with the following approaches:

  1. Find and maintain Hidden Stars The IMP-Z-POP project will establish Z-POP Star Academies in 10 countries and regions outside Korea – Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. Future stars will be made by Korean advanced star training methodologies that have been tested. This project gives a realistic opportunity to become a star.
  2. Empowering Fans to grow Stars This project will give fans a flower of voting through their online platform. Fan voices will play an important role in decisive events such as auditions and award ceremonies. Adopting Ethereum blockchain technology, this project makes transparent and trustworthy voting. The Z-POP DREAM project offers fans the opportunity to develop their favorite stars.
  3. Grow a Star to a Global Star K-POP is the fastest growing music sector in the world and undermines global barriers, as was first shown by the PSY ‘Gangnam Style’ punch. Inheritance is carried out by groups such as Girl’s Generation, BTS, and WannaOne. The project will create global stars using a successful K-POP music production formula mixed with new cultural elements, a large K-POP global fan base, and stadium-scale global auditions to be broadcast internationally by TV broadcasting stations.

Z-POP DREAM ITO (initial Token Offering)

The Z-POP DREAM Project offers a solid business case and token economics model that the crypto exchanges are looking for. In parallel to ITO process, the Project will start a dialogue with major exchanges so that ZPOP Coins shall be listed soonest possible post the completion of ITO.

The project’s ultimate DREAM is to utilize the transparently recorded activities and reputations of the blockchain, along with granting voting power, to allow anyone in the Z-POP DREAM ecosystem, Fans, Stars, Professionals, and investors alike, the chance to create Stars. Z-POP DREAM Project aims to showcase the power of blockchain within the global entertainment industry.

Token Name/Symbol : ZPOP

Platform : Ethereum ERC20

Planned date of public sale : October 2018*

Token price at whitelist : 1 ZPOP = USD 0.08

Total supply : 4,000,000,000

Soft Cap : USD 20,000,000

Hard Cap : USD 50,000,000

Accepted currency during the ITO : ETH, BTC, BCH, fiat currencies

Unsold tokens during the public sale will be burned by smart contract




 Exective Production Team


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