ZAPIT- Blockchain Verified Product Review Platform

In an inexorably computerized world, the majority of the shopping has now begun happening on the web. Web based business sites and internet shopping entrances offer alluring rebate coupons and rewards keeping in mind the end goal to hold clients and get new clients, credit and platinum card organizations offer rewards on making buys through cards, and carrier organizations offer air-miles with a specific end goal to hold travelers. One of the most serious issues for shoppers is in deciding if the items that are being offered online are real.

Zapit distinguishes the current lessening nature of item surveys on Amazon. It means to re-set up trust between online dealers and shoppers. With blockchain-based confirmation process Zapit guarantees the validity of distributed item surveys will rise henceforth giving a stage to settle on better buy choice for purchasers. Basically, Zapit takes advantage of the capability of crypto-tokens and the up and coming cryptoeconomic advertise through genuine client created audits. Zapit sets up a stage for each buyer to effectively get engaged with the free market demonstrate and acquire Zapit Tokens against audits that get distributed on the site. Zapit makes a win-win circumstance for venders, shoppers, item evaluators and audit mediators by giving blockchain-confirmed surveys stage.

Issue Zapit

We have distinguished that phony item audits are one of the most concerning issues looked by Amazon Sellers and Consumers today. Regardless of different measures taken by Amazon to guarantee the nature of surveys on their stage, there has been a huge increment in the quantity of false item audits. Counterfeit surveys are additionally ordered into two sections:

Counterfeit Positive Reviews: The act of looking into items and giving them 5-star appraisals.

Counterfeit Negative Reviews: The act of giving negative evaluations to contender items.

Arrangement Zapit

The idea driving Zapit is quite clear in the event that you add to the group, your administrations are recognized and you get a motivator for adding to the wander. Besides, a standout amongst the most critical things for any business is capital. While there are a variety of manners by which a business can procure capital, there is one kind of capital which is critical to the business — sweat value. The conceptualization of crypto-tokens and blockchain innovation has made boosting client created content conceivable. Zapit is one such stage wherein the estimation of client created content is figured it out. It is an online stage where the issue of phony item surveys is settled by boosting honest to goodness item audits.

Commitments can be made by sellers, analysts and mediators. The commitment of analysts and arbitrators falls under the class of sweat value, and the boost of their endeavors is the thing that Zapit is basically about. Zapit means to give a stage where all item surveys are checked for validity and individuals who made.
The most effective method to Work Zapit

Zapit’s blockchain-confirmed item survey stage can be gotten to in two distinctive ways:

Zapit Browser Plug-ins — Zapit Browser Plug-ins will be open by those clients who need to get honest to goodness audits within reach while they are looking for items online on Amazon. Clients will have the capacity to see all audits for the item that they are at present review on Amazon with the assistance of the Zapit Brower Plug-in.

Zapit Website — Zapit Website is basically an online stage wherein every one of the audits that mediators support will be distributed. This will be open by every one of the clients who are searching for bona fide surveys on the item that they are occupied with purchasing.

Zapit (ITO)

An Initial Token Offering or an ITO is a decentralized method of raising funds for a new startup or a ventureZapit’s Initial Token Offerings are offered to those who are interested in supporting Zapit’s vision & platform. For each ITO Participant will be able to leverage their tokens to list their products on Zapit. Furthermore, they might also select to get a Zapit Moderator Account with those tokens.


Zapit has offered 100,000,000Zapit Tokens.
1 Eth : 10000 Zapit
In its Private Sale 10%, Zapit will be offering a total of 10,000,000. 5,000,000 For Sale + 5,000,000 Bonus)

Zapit Tokens and ITO participants will be given a 100% bonus.
In the Public Sale 40% of Zapit Tokens, a total of 40,000,000. 26,700,000 For Sale + 13,300,000 Bonus
10,000,000 tokens will be distributed amongst the advisors and supporting communities.
40,000,000 tokens Core Team and for ongoing development of the platform. If you want to learn more information about initial token offering process please visit this web page. (

Road Map



If you want to learn more information about Zapitplease visit these web pages below.;u=1344739


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