ZAPIT — The Only Blockchain Verified Product

Zapit identifies the existing diminishing quality of product reviews on Amazon. It aims to re-establish trust between online sellers and consumers. With blockchain-based verification process Zapit ensures the credibility of published product reviews will rise hence providing a platform to make better purchase decision for consumers. In a nutshell, Zapit taps into the potential of crypto-tokens and the upcoming cryptoeconomic market through legitimate user-generated reviews. Zapit establishes a platform for every consumer to easily get involved in the free market model and earn Zapit Tokens against reviews that get published on the website. Zapit creates a win-win situation for sellers, consumers, product evaluators and review moderators by providing blockchain-verified reviews platform.

The concept behind Zapit is pretty straightforward if you contribute to the community, your services are acknowledged and you get an incentive for contributing to the venture. Furthermore, one of the most important things for any business is capital. While there are a lot of different ways in which a business can acquire capital, there is one type of capital which is extremely important to the business — sweat equity. The conceptualization of crypto-tokens and blockchain technology has made incentivizing user generated content possible. Zapit is one such platform wherein the value of user-generated content is realized. It is an online platform where the problem of fake product reviews is resolved by incentivizing genuine product reviews.

Contributions can be made by vendors, reviewers and moderators. The contribution of reviewers and moderators falls under the category of sweat equity, and the incentivization of their efforts is what Zapit is essentially about. Zapit aims to provide a platform where all product reviews are checked for genuineness and people who made.

How does Zapit work?

Zapit’s blockchain-verified product review platform can be accessed in two different ways:

  1. Zapit Website

Zapit Website is essentially an online platform wherein all the reviews that moderators approve will be published. This will be accessible by all the users who are looking for genuine reviews on the product that they are interested in buying. For sellers, this portal will act as a means of advertising their product to users from across the world. Since Zapit produces verified reviews, the credibility of their product increases and thus consumers are more likely to go with a product which has verified reviews.

2. Zapit Browser Plug-ins

Zapit Browser Plug-ins will be accessible by those users who want to get legitimate reviews at hand while they are searching for products online on Amazon. Customers will be able to view all reviews for the product that they are currently viewing on Amazon with the help of the Zapit Brower Plug-in. In addition to this, Zapit will also give provisions to consumers so that they are able to submit a review on Zapit through the plug-in. If the review that they submit gets accepted, they earn Zapit Tokens.

Benefits of Zapit a snapshot

Zapit is a platform that provides legitimate user-generated reviews. While we discussed a lot of benefits that various entities get by using this platform, it is essential to summarize them all together to get a comprehensive overview of how the platform aims at creating a community where contributions are valued.

  1. Consumers: Consumers get genuine reviews and as a result they will be able to make better purchase decisions.
  2. Sellers: Zapit provides legitimate product reviews to sellers for the products that they decide to list and thus establish trust between the seller and the consumer. Sellers will also be able to link their Amazon Affiliate ID with us to earn extra profit on the sales of the products linked with Zapit.
  3. Product Evaluators: Product Evaluators will become a part of the blockchainverified product reviews committee without having to invest monetarily. They will earn Zapit Tokens when their reviews are published on Zapit.
  4. Review Moderators: Moderators will be able to earn Zapit Tokens for every valuable contribution they make to the platform.









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