ZAZA-is a decentralized innovative BUSINESS PLATFORM and B2B NETWORK, powered by Blockchain technology.

ZAZA’s core functionalities:

Deal Generator

ZAZA helps businesses generate and get new deals. Businesses may place an enquiry (deals),
and other users may receive information about placed deals in real-time. The enquirer will be
able to receive immediate feedback and offers from businesses.
The platform allows to place or accept a limited amount of deals per day, to protect from mass
registrations and fake deals. As a result, the enquirer will be rewarded and businesses will
receive the deals.

Trading Platform

The trading platform allows users to promote a wide range of products and services online.
Users may list their goods or services with no charges, start receiving a flow of deals and be able to use self-executing smart contracts on the trading platform. These features will provide the benefit of secured and transparent transactions.

B2B Network

The platform will provide the possibility of trustworthy connections. Companies will be able to connect with worldwide potential partners without any barriers and make the searching cycle itself not a time-consuming step. Transparent reviews and references will help them to determine the actual reputation of companies in the market.

ZAZA aims to:
➢ Create a massive market and great eco-system for the circulation of ZAZA Tokens
➢ Help companies drive their business into success
➢ Become an essential tool for daily operations in any business
➢ Reduce advertising and transaction costs
➢ Become powerful B2B social network and connect all types of enterprises around the

ZAZA Tokens Ecosystem.

Selling/Buying Goods & Services
Users can buy and sell goods and services through the ZAZA platform. They can pay with ZAZA tokens and accept them as payment.

Paid Services of the Platform
All the paid services on the platform (featured ads, featured business accounts, smart contract fee, banner advertising) are to be paid in ZAZA tokens.

Rewards from Deal Generator
Each enquiry is a potential deal for businesses. ZAZA rewards the users that generate deals. Each time an enquiry is placed and a seller or a service provider accepts it, the enquirer gets rewarded in ZAZA tokens. The business that has accepted the deal will release the same number of ZAZA tokens as a commission.

Rewards for Business & Social Activity
Businesses and individuals get rewarded for being active on the platform and performing activities like posting reviews, publishing posts, listing enquiry and ads, etc. Their activity is measured via the Index of Business Activity and Social Activity where they get rewarded according to it. This reward incentivizes businesses to use ZAZA platform more often.

Crypto Cash-back System
ZAZA intends to implement a crypto cash-back system, where all users will be rewarded with ZAZA tokens every time they make a purchase through the system. We believe that soon, any transaction could be made through blockchain technologies.

1 ZAZA = $ 0,07
Minimum purchase: 1000 ZAZA

Period: Bonus
STAGE 1: June 15-30, 2018 50%
STAGE 2: July 15 -31, 2018 40%
STAGE 3: August 15-31, 2018 20-30%

October – December 2018 3-12%



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