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Zealeum is a health project based on the blockchain. The significance of health and prosperity has absolutely taken the primary spot in the health business throughout the most recent decade. With the child of post-war America age drawing closer or achieving old age, health and medical administrations tense and the developing consciousness of the points of confinement of medicinal science by a developing number of individuals, society has built up a mentality of expanding obligation towards its wellbeing and health. The significance of health and wellbeing is reflected in the way that eating regimens, health improvement plans, exercise and gear programs, wellness offices, spas, wholesome supplements and recreation exercises are typical.

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The Aim of all Zealeum wellbeing profile will be to solve the Challenge of Medical records that cannot be moved across different institutions. Zealeum Health Profiles are Unusual, secure, Reliable, transparent and readily accessible given approval.

The pocket serves like a gateway into the EcoSystem also enables its Users to create their private profile, track and input their overall health and wellness data and connect it for their preferred fitness and health tracking programs.

How does it work?
  • Users sign up & create a health profile where they can store, view, share and sell their data.
  • Users have the ability to link their profiles to their favorite fitness & health tracking app and wearable device, enabling them to track data from multiple sources and merge and analyze data in a user-friendly interface.
  • Users establish their own privacy rights and choose exactly which information they will allow to share or sell.
  • The resulting data can be transferable, secure, and hold tamper.
  • The Zealeum health profile allows professionals such as nutritionists and fitness trainers to create personal nutrition and exercise plans based on information shared with them from each specific user, allowing them to tailor-made solutions.
  • Users get ZEAL Token by making healthy lifestyle choices. For example, a user can obtain ZEAL Token by purchasing an online product on the Zealeum platform, by purchasing a personalized food or exercise package provided by professionals, to participate in a marathon, to visit a fitness center or vegan restaurant, and more.
  • Individuals on the platform can also receive ZEAL tokens as they only appear to the specified location or participate in certain fitness events sponsored by Zealeum partners.
  • Zealeum ecosystem participants can also use ZEAL Tokens as a form of payment to purchase a wide range of products and services from businesses and service providers in the community ecosystem.
  • The Zealeum Platform creates, stores and continuously updates every user’s digital profile that will include metadata and data that paint a complete picture of who each user is in terms of their identity, their health and their fitness profile.
  • Through tokens, users on the platform can package and sell their data to companies or fitness professionals interested in viewing or utilizing the data.
  • Users will not have their data available in the Zealeum market unless they check the box indicating they want to receive ZEAL in return for their information.
  • Users are notified with requests for data whenever there is interest from a professional broker or information.
  • The health profile of Zealeum is an invaluable asset in the growth of the Internet of things that can help solve some problems with the flagging healthcare industry; removable, safe, and damage-proof health profiles with data that can be shared seamlessly through ledgers that are distributed with doctors, insurance companies, nutritionists, and more.
  • Individual potential and health insurance companies, healthcare providers, doctors, fitness trainers, nutritionists, and some other network participants to benefit positively in such ecosystems are driving the Zealeum project.
  • In addition to sharing data in the form of patient records, there is potential for blockchain technology for the patient’s reported positive impact (PRO).
  • Join the health & fitness revolution!

ZEALEUM Eco-system

The Zealeum ecosystem participants include but Aren’t Limited to:
INDIVIDUALS that are tracking health-related statistics to monitor chronic illnesses.
Individuals interested in taking control of their own healthcare.
PROFESSIONALS such as Fitness coaches wanting to provide specialized bundles to individuals based on their fitness and wellness profile.
ESTABLISHMENT such as insurance companies offering insurance products to customers based on their own medical records and wellbeing.
Big-data BUYERS
At the heart of the Zealeum system will be saved health data Generated and regulated by an individual. Following approval of individuals, this information will be analyzed, aggregated and carefully packed to Big Data buyers to invest in new developments and initiatives on this platform.

Broker Information & Data Buyers
  • The core of the Zealeum platform is user-generated and controlled health data and corresponding data markets.
  • Users can decide which information to share or sell, and to whom.
  • Whenever a purchase request is made, the user will be notified and can approve the sale of their data to obtain ZEAL Token.
  • Data requests can be made by professionals such as fitness trainers and nutritionists, companies, information brokers, doctors or others interested in offering their products or services to users.
  • Users get ZEAL Token only to connect with this potential buyer!
  • After the approval of the individual, the information will be analyzed, collected and packaged neatly for sale to large data buyers to fund further developments and community initiatives on the platform.

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A total of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) ZEAL will be pre-mined during the initial token generation event. Of the 1,000,000,000 ZEAL in circulation, 600,000,000 will be made immediately available to the public through the pre-sale and initial token offering periods.

Token Allocations (% of 1,000,000,000 TotalSupply)

Website: https://zealeum.life/

White Paper: https://zealeum.life/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/zealeaum_white_paper_mar1318-1.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zealeum/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/_zealeum

Telegram: https://t.me/zealeum

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