A Collectible Racehorse Crypyo Game!

What is ZED?

Digital Racehorse

Build a star-studded stable of winning racehorses and create a legacy by buying, breeding and racing digital thoroughbreds. ZED racehorses are created with Smart Contracts that links your thoroughbred’s attributes and performance data using cryptography. As your racehorse evolves, it becomes more desirable and valuable within the ZED marketplace.

Early Release

ZED is releasing the very first of its super rare digital racehorses. This will include the purest Z1 and Z2 gene pool of the Nakamoto bloodline and Z3 and Z4 of the Szabo bloodline. During the Early Release, 4,000 of these elite racehorses will be sold one at a time, at a fixed price. Owners of these limited racehorses will be automatically selected into a race gate, ready to take the track in April 2019.

Create Legacy

Build a stable of racehorses where colts, fillies, mares, and stallions can mate with one another, subsequently passing down unique traits to their offspring. The more race-ready racehorses that are in your stable, the greater the chance you will have at cementing your legacy within the ZED community


Buy and sell your racehorse through an auction system in the Marketplace ‌where you set the minimum reserve price. Each racehorse is statistically unique where racehorse prices will vary depending on the thoroughbred’s attributes and past performance on the racetrack.

The more your thoroughbred races and the more it breeds, the more superior your racehorse’s legacy becomes. The greater the legacy, the greater the wealth you can create by commanding a higher selling or breeding price through ZED’s auction system.

Stud Farm

Do you own a super rare stallion? Or is your stallion unbeatable on the racetrack? Pass down your thoroughbred’s special attributes by placing it in the Stud Farm and allowing it to breed with others at a price that you deem is fair.

The choice to breed rests solely with the female thoroughbred where they have the option to select which male racehorse they want to mate with, taking into consideration their bloodline, genotype, and other race critical statistic.

Play Together

ZED’s vision is to take the traditional mechanics of community-based gaming and relentlessly innovate in order to create something truly special. Join our multiple communities on Discord and Reddit and discuss all things related to your digital racehorse.

Live Racing

Every racehorse purchased will be selected at random to participate in ZED. For those who cannot contain their excitement, there is the opportunity to buy-in to race events. Racing in ZED will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week where races will be split into Group I, Group II and Group III categories all over the globe.


For those who are new to the world of racehorses or thoroughbreds, there are a few key words that you will often see:

  • Stallion A male thoroughbred that has an offspring.
  • Mare A female thoroughbred that has an offspring.
  • Sire A father thoroughbred.
  • Dam A mother thoroughbred.
  • Colt A virgin male thoroughbred.
  • Filly A virgin female thoroughbred.
  • Bloodline The DNA of your racehorse. There are four bloodlines in total.
  • Genotype or ZED Type How far away your thoroughbred is from its ancestors.
  • Offspring When a male and female thoroughbred mate, they create a filly or a colt, in other words, an offspring.
  • Gate Position where your thoroughbred will race from. (coming soon!).
  • Buy-In Purchasing a gate position prior to a race (coming soon!).

What is a Stable?

The stable is where all your very own racehorses and offspring live and where creating your legacy begins. You will be able to share your stable of racehorses and performance data with others to see where you stand within the ZED community.

The stable is in essence your ‘user account’ page where you can manage your racehorses and see all their statistics and transactions on the blockchain.

Currently, you can also view the latest purchases of racehorse and which stables they belong to by clicking on the Roster page in the header menu.

Before you begin

First things first, before you can join and interact with the ZED community, you need to ensure that you have all of the following:

  1. a digital wallet
  2. available ether in the wallet you want to play with
  3. a Metamask account that is linked to your wallet
  4. chrome installed as your web browser for optimal performance
  5. Once you login with Metamask, you will be ready to rock and roll. If you have any questions, head over to our FAQ’s first.

Giddy Up

With the basics out of the way, we can now dive into the five main modes of ZED.

  1. Stable
  2. Auction Marketplace
  3. Stud Marketplace
  4. Race Roster
  5. Racing

What is a bloodline?

There are four bloodlines in ZED; Nakamoto, Szabo, Finny and Wright. Each bloodline has certain qualities and differing levels of rarity. There are 28 possible breeding combinations with only 4 types of bloodline outcomes. To learn more about bloodlines, check out our two part blog post here and here.

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