ZEOSX…The World’s First Cryptocurrency Bank

Dear Readers… today’s article is going to be interesting, entertaining and knowledge driven and without iota of doubt, i believe that after reading this article, you will definitely key into this project because its a project the global communities have been patiently waiting for, due to its features, concept and ideas. It has great future as its going to gradually phase out and redefine the traditional banking operational system, being the world first cryptocurrency bank. ZEOSX comes with great features. It is a decentralized ecosystem that offers attractive packages like Transparency, Scalability and Security. These three features are what makes zeosx a blockchain technology platform

About The ZEOSX

The primary objective of the project is to modernize the entire non-cash financial sector, thereby creating a new decentralized platform that can eliminate all the negative aspects of banking systems and related intermediaries. With the introduction of more powerful and reliable tools that will allow processing a large number of financial transactions and other related operations. Moreover, the project itself is a powerful and futuristic framework, which is complemented by such features as: lending, borrowing with or without collateral, the ability to conduct various auctions and investment companies, as well as zeosX boasts a wide range of Bank cards and a powerful multi-currency wallet.

Design feature

The structure and operating principle of the zeosX platform is built in such a way that users who have ZEOS tokens in their possession have exclusive rights to additional features and benefits of zeosX products than those users who do not own these tokens at all.

These advantages include such pleasant moments as:

  • monthly passive income;
  • additional discount;
  • and open possibility in registration of the mortgage loan.

Also for users zeosX has prepared a number of nice chips that will allow them to get real pleasure from the use of cryptocurrencies in their daily life. To do this, developers:

  • minimized any transaction fees;
  • provided a reliable and safe, but easy and fast Deposit and withdrawal;
  • and also provided for the rapid integration of the payment system with various entrepreneurs of their businesses, so that they can also bring their business to a new, more modern level of service;
  • and many other things.



Special attention must deserve exclusive credit and debit cards from zeosX. After all, each of them has a number of advantages and features relative to the other proposed.

First, with the help of them you can both replenish and withdraw your money in any local currency, wherever you are. Secondly, with the help of them you have a unique opportunity to earn cashback and accumulate ZeoPoints, in order to have a pleasant opportunity to exchange them for any goods in the future. Moreover, some premium cards will be limited in circulation and open exclusive opportunities for their users to additional benefits and the closed zeosX club. And a lot of things about what in a nutshell here at once and not tell.


ICO Details

As for the internal token – ZEOS, IT was developed on the familiar Ethereum blockchain of the ERC-20 standard. In total, 3 billion coins will be available for sale. The initial cost of the tokens ZEOS will fit the following proportions 3000 ZEOS = 1 ETH. In total, the developers intend to collect for its further development of Hard Cap in the amount of $100,000,000.

Token Details And Funds Distributions:

Symbol: ZEOS
Token type: ERC20
Current exchange rate: 1 ETH = 3000 ZEOS
Total supply: 3,000,000,000
Soft cap: 20,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 100,000,000 USD
Currencies accepted: BTC, ETH and LTC
Unsold tokens will be burned.




For Further Information About ZeosX Kindly Visit

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