The cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has shown the potential to disrupt the traditional banking system because of the numerous revolutionary ideas they provide for investors. However, cryptocurrency has not yet achieved mainstream adoption because many people still see it as only a means to store assets alone, and a risky investment,nothing more. Moreover, traditional banking will not meet up with the needs of individuals as development continues to make advancement. For example, apart from being inefficient and time consuming with cross border transfers, they charge customers with sky-scraping fees together with other additional service charge which add up to 7.68%. Additionally, the presence of intermediaries causes much delay for such transfers to arrive promptly. Also security transactions can take between one to three days to settle because all the books must be updated and aligned at the end of the day. And because many different parties are involved, transactions often have to be verified manually, with each party charging a fee too. All of these make it hard for individuals to transfer funds to their loved ones.


ZEOSX is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform that is aiming to revolutionize the traditional banking industry. It will gradually change the perception of individuals regarding cryptocurrency. With the aid of ZeosX there will be no need for traditional banks and third party payment networks anymore as it will offer banking components that are equipped with groundbreaking finance technologies. Most of the core benefits of ZeosX include:

  1. The leverage to borrow with or without collateral
  2. Possession of a superior crypto mobile wallet.
  • Luxurious and stunning quality cards.
  1. Investors will also enjoy investments, auction and lending.

These benefits are going to reduce cost for transactions, dealing with pending security issues facing transaction in the banking sector, together with clearance and settlement.ZeosX has a goal of implementing blockchain technology to ultimately achieve a decentralized and cashless society without relying on trusted third parties such as banks. With tools such as smart contracts, many problematic processes in the banking sector will be automated, from compliance and processing requirements to content distributions. Moreover with the elimination of third parties that approve consumer to consumer transactions, blockchain technology will allow for faster payments at lower rates than banks. Normally in traditional banking the banks involved in a transaction will be reconciled by a global financial system consisting of a vast network of merchants, funds, asset managers, etc, but with ZeosX, blockchain and distributed accounting can reduce operating costs and allows transactions to be carried out in real time between financial institutions.Furthermore, traditional banks are imprecise as to when security transactions will be concluded, because all the books must be updated and aligned at the end of everything, which will take between one to three days. Most at times the transactions have to be verified manually, with each party charging a fee too. However, ZeosX aims to solve this problem by tokenizing traditional securities such as stocks, bonds, and alternative assets, and blockchain will be used to revolutionize the structure of capital markets, ease the process of banking while disrupting the financial sector.



  • SOLUTION REGARDING LOANS AND CREDIT: normally in traditional banks, loans are taken by obtaining the credit ratings of the costumer, the proportion of debt and income and the ownership of properties. And they access this information by accessing the credit and report provided by any of the three leading agencies, before evaluating the risk of giving out such a loan. However, ZeosX provides clients with both collateral and non-collateral loan. The collateral loan allows users to get dollars fast without selling any of their crypto-assets. The non-collateral loan also rewards users with Zeopoints for early repayment. In a nutshell, users can easily access ZeosX loans without going through many intermediaries that will make the process to be tedious.
  • SOLUTIONS REGARDING FRAUDULENCY IN THE BANKING INDUSTRY: transparency in banks are far-fetched as clients have no insight as to what their money is used for, since they have no control of it. Money earned and kept by clients in banks are sometimes used by corrupt people to enrich themselves. Most of the deposits made by customers are not covered. We do not know the bank interest they charge on loans because the interest is higher than the interest they pay to the depositors account. Due to the fact that banking operations are all stored in a single powerful mainframe and database system has led to the attack of hackers. However, ZeosX will introduce its underlying blockchain ledger which is immutable, and with this, a decentralized banking system which is fully transparent will be created. Furthermore, this will leverage users’ full access and control to their funds as they quickly determine how their funds are spent and get the relevant interest on the usage of their funds. There will be no single mainframe or database system where transactions will be stored, and that will eradicate fraud in the system. The DApps designed by ZeosX will fortify the security of the system, they will achieve efficiency and will be user friendly as well.
  • SOLUTION TO SKY-SCRAPING FEES AND CHARGES TOGETHER WITH DELAYED TRANSACTIONS: it is a known thing that banks charge sometimes outrageous fees when customers carry out transactions due to the presence of many intermediaries. Certain third-parties used by banks such as PayPal – to carry out such transactions charge much and also delay payment for at least 3 to 5 business days. The fees paid by Credit Card users sometimes are put in place to extort money unnecessarily from them. Apart from just the normal transactions such as cash withdrawal, users are also charged when banks return their payment. It is really worthwhile then that card payments be eliminated. The ZeosX platform will introduce ZeoPay which is a decentralized payment system suitable for online transactions.ZeosX will distribute payment cards to investors worldwide, that will not partner with any payment processors and they will operate on ZeosX POS devices which are powered by ultra-high lightning speed ZeosX Core. With this innovation users can pay with stable coins, which will be charged transparently and as low as possible. Users will not be charged heavily for transfer of assets from one account to another, they can instantly convert their crypto assets to fiat and vice versa. Users with affiliation to the platform can enjoy cash withdrawal promptly to other payment accounts. And there will be no need for currency conversion fees as countries with little or no availability of USD can easily transact across borders and even spend their earnings without necessarily converting to USD and transaction fees will be minimal.
  • SOLUTION REGARDING ACQUISITION OF INSURANCE: due to the fraud and ingenuity in the traditional banking system regarding insurance, it has really discouraged its acquisition. Together with the delay attached to it. However, ZeosX will introduce its own insurance policy with ZeoInsure, which will not only expose users to a whole new level of insurance in crypto, but will also aim to offer them a seamless and transparent insurance system where they can gain access to different types of insurance for life, accident and others.


The analysis of the different funding raising markets such as the cryptocurrency market, crowdfunding and ICO launch assures the success of the platform. The funds generated in the last year (2018), in these markets are skyrocketing; in 2018 crowdfunding worldwide raised a total of $16.2 billion, cryptocurrency raised over $700 billion with about 12,000 transactions per hour, while about 32 ICOs conducted during the first 3 months of 2018 raised a total of $2,710,641,542. With this analysis it is safe to conclude that the viability of ZeosX in the cryptocurrency market will indeed create traffic and most importantly generate revenue in these 3 important markets. Below is a comparison between ZeosX cryptocurrency bank and other traditional banks;


Apart from other necessary components that work in conjunction with the ZeosX Core, such as smart contracts, blockchain and DApps, that have the latest technology,there are other accessories that explains in detail how ZeosX Core will work. Some of which are;

  • Debit cards that can be used for cash withdrawal in local bank accounts or other external payment accounts. Moreover, crypto or fiat can be used to top up these debit cards, and track their daily transactions. The possession of these cards grant clients access to airport lounges worldwide and airline miles welcome bonus. There are also cashback and rewards for every transaction which can be exchanged for many gifts and prizes. Users can also enjoy 100% credit (loan to value) limit and interest-free installment plans will be available.ZeoPoints will be earned from item transactions, early repayment of non-collateral loans and acquiring ZeosX cards. Them these points earned can be used in the ZeosX marketplace.
  • A Crypto Wallet has been designed to aid users in transferring them to external wallets instantly with almost no fees at all. Additional methods for depositing and withdrawing through fiat currencies using local bank accounts has been put in place to achieve efficiency.
  • By means of ZeoStorm, clients can apply for collateral or non-collateral loans with just a few clicks.
  • Zeopaywill allow clients not only to purchase items online, it will also protect merchants from market fluctuations by having the option for them to accept several cryptocurrencies and every payment received will be converted to fiat currencies straightaway.



Total supply                             =          3,000,000,000 tokens

Start Date                                =          1st December 2018

End Date                                 =          31stjuly 2019

Softcap                                    =          $20,000,000 USD

Hardcap                                  =          $100,000,000 USD

Token                                      =          ZEOS

Exchange rate                         =          1 ETH = 3000 ZEOS

Project protocol                      =          ERC-20

Payment methods                   =          BTC, ETH, LTC



Token sale                               =          75%

Reserved funding                    =          13%

Founders and Team                =          9%

Advisors                                   =          2%

Bounty                                     =          1%

Funds generated from the ICO sale will be disseminated appropriately. 40% will be used for the development of the platform. 30% will be for sales and marketing. While about 17% will be used for operations. The other 10% will be used for security and legalization. Lastly 3% will be used for obtaining appropriate licenses.



The era of traditional banking is fading away as it will no longer meet the needs of the society due to the advent of cryptocurrency. The gradual adoption of the crypto innovation has yielded more revenue compared to the past years. Therefore the future of the crypto community depends on the provision of a banking service that will help in acquiring mass adoption of cryptocurrency to the world at large. ZeosX provides tools that possess the latest groundbreaking technologies. With this tools users can acquire loans with or without collateral, possess luxurious and stunning quality cards, together with a superior mobile wallet. They will be able to make investments, carry out auction and lending. The platform grants users an efficient and secured transaction system with low fee charges. It is therefore worthwhile for one to invest in ZeosX now because it has a world class team capable of delivering all of the banking components. Some of these individuals have spent more than a decade obtaining professional experiences in top finance companies. Moreover, ZeosX token holders will enjoy endless benefits as mentioned already, because overtime the tokens will increase in value due to their high demand.

For more information visit:

ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5084715
Whitepaper : https://www.zeosx.io/assets/front/images/zeosX-Whitepaper.pdf
Website : https://www.zeosx.io/
Telegram : https://www.t.me/zeosxlabs
Twitter : https://twitter.com/zeosxlabs
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/zeosxlabs/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/zeosxlabs/
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8aCApVI3rkF7Nh3gOJ3NZA
LinkedIN : https://www.linkedin.com/company/zeosxlabs/?viewAsMember=true
Medium : https://medium.com/@zeosxlabs

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