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The Blockchain technology is taken seriously by the money sector because it will become a significant disruptor of the standard banking sector. The unchanging and inviolable nature of the blockchain makes it the best answer to cut back prices and alter everything from payments to transactions, securities problems, retail banking, clearing, settlement, etc.
It is changing into clear that the blockchain technology is way over Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. whereas implementations like payment and financial systems are definitely turbulent, the best disruption may return from different uses of those distinctive and powerful options.

zeosX may be a suburbanized​ crypto bank getting to revolutionize the standard banking system. Our up-to-date technological system is constructed supported a strong finance ecosystem that consists of futurist banking parts.
. Borrow with or while not collateral
. Superior crypto mobile pocketbook
. Luxurious and stunning quality cards
. Investments, auction, and loaning
Taking a cue from cryptocurrencies, we can see, as declared below, the issues it’s solved normally.

What is zeosX?

zeosX may be a suburbanized platform getting to revolutionize the standard banking system. Our leading-edge technological system is constructed supported a strong finance system that consists of the futurist banking parts.

Vision and Mission
The reason why cryptocurrencies have not achieved mainstream adoption is that the majority of people still think of them only as another store of value, a risky investment and nothing else. The truth is, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are much more than that.

Vision Statement
Not only does zeosX offer banking security with countless added benefits, but it is also created to rewrite history and to change people perception of cryptocurrencies. With zeosX, there is no need for traditional banks and third-party payment networks anymore as our banking components are equipped with the latest groundbreaking finance technologies. From taking a loan, online shopping to even paying for coffee, we have got everything covered. With the gradual decline in the number of users using traditional banking, zeosX will expand even at a faster rate as cryptocurrencies continue to grow. We are expecting more than 50 million users in the next 3 years.

A thorough market analysis was carried out for the following markets:
• Financial Markets
• Crowdfunding
• Initial Coin Offering
• Growth Of The Cryptocurrency Markets

Financial Markets
The cryptocurrency market has grown significantly in recent years and is expected to continue growing in value and volume. The primary encryption value is Bitcoin, however, other cryptocurrencies are also using blockchain technology recently. The current market value of Bitcoin alone is estimated at $19.5 Billion, which is still at infancy compared to other markets.
The total market capitalization of the world is $80 Trillion and is growing rapidly. The value of the stock market worldwide has increased by 320% since 2009, with the US stocks dominating the global stock markets. However, the dot-com crash and the 2008 financial crisis have severely affected the number of Americans investing in the stock market. As a result, the percentage of American investors continue to decrease from 65.5% in 2007 to only 52% in 2016. Currently, the 24/7 forex market is the largest financial market in the world, both in value and volume, with the US dollar being the most traded currency in the forex market, making up close to 85 percent of all trades.
As more people recognize the potential of the blockchain, cryptocurrency will only continue to thrive and will achieve a bigger market capitalization.

The use of traditional crowdfunding as a method of raising capital has some advantages: Small or medium companies can collect the necessary capital without going through the tedious process of taking a bank loan. It also allows you to obtain feedback from the crowd.
One of the main disadvantages of this approach is the effort and time required. The largest amount of money raised through crowdfunding is in China. It is expected that the number of collective financing campaigns and the value of their transactions will continue to increase by 2022.



bobbing up with the ​plan
Developing business ideas
Whitepaper development


creating of team and website​e
marketing research


Development of crypto-backed p2p loan
style The zeosX Cards, mobile app and marketplace
alter affiliate program and KYC/AML


finalise zeosX marketplace and mobile app
Introduce saving and loaning accounts
alter the ​reward system
begin of private-presale


Beta launch of zeosX marketplace and mobile app
Development of saving and loaning accounts
style zeosX blockchain for cards to work
begin of presale


Launch zeosX marketplace and mobile app
finalise the ​crypto-backed p2p loan
geta ​ license and different legal paperworks
huge partnerships and begin of crowdsale


List zeosX on exchanges
Launch saving and loaning accounts
begin of crypto-backed p2p loan
Introduce ZeoPay and crypto insurance


Introduce zeosX POS device
Link zeosX POS device to cards
Distribute zeosX cards to investors
begin ZeoPay and crypto insurance
Market Analysis

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ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5084715
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