Zero Carbon ICO Review

Welcome my dear friends. Today I will tell you about a very interesting project.Technological progress is not only a thriving market, but also a constant harm to the environment. New technologies for the development of” green ” energy, safe for the ecology of the planet, appear almost every day. However, such initiatives require a lot of money, often ordinary users do not have access to information about the project.The developers of Zero Carbon Project offer an ecosystem that develops new projects in the field of alternative energy sources, as well as motivates to “switch” to more profitable sources of electricity.

Blockchain provides security and data openness, so the project attracts investments from all over the world.”In our country, the best tariffs for electricity, and I’m not interested in alternative projects,” – the user will say, and will be partly right. Meanwhile, Zero Carbon Project offers a model of earning tokens on the platform, so support for the revolutionary technology becomes profitable.

Not so long ago, the energy war plans that took place, which had their own share of success, are based on conceptually reasoned thoughts. They include the introduction of innovations with block chains to help trade electricity on the same basis and to finance the new farms in accordance with the renewable energy sources. But in practice, they will need time to scale, so that basic solar and battery technologies are still very ways and will remain so for several more years. As a result, the plans for an energy war will not be able to demonstrate an early significant impact on climate modification, as they will become more expensive than competing on carbon electricity; and therefore can not scale very soon.

The Genesis of Zero Carbon Project:

The Zero Carbon project started out with the aim of providing very fast and scalable solution to climatic energy than the conventional renewable energy does. It also wanted something that can be globally acceptable. In doing this it sought to kick-start a platform. Not ignorant of the benefit Blockchain activities can bring to this project, Zero Carbon sought to be a Blockchain based platform. To enhance financial stability, it also partners with users in the cryptocurrency ecosystem by providing Energis token that can be used as a means of exchange alongside other cryptocurrencies and also used to initiate payments on the Zero Carbon project.

How Zero Carbon Works:

With international carbon credits, suppliers of Zero Carbon energy are able to compete with one another through an offset of carbon emissions. This is cost effective as offsetting the carbon emission is usually more affordable than renewable energy. Interesting to note is that Zero Carbon is a little cheaper than fossil fuels, and far less expensive than the cost of renewable energy. Through intense competition provided for by the Zero Carbon project among its ever-growing number of suppliers, price reductions are being made to cover up for an extra cost that may suffice. The chain of activities of the Zero Carbon is very simple and straightforward. First Zero Carbon energy offers are being submitted, after which comparisons are being made using online switching system and online reverse auction system for household and business supplies respectively. When this is done, consumers are left to choose the best option before completing a direct contract with the supplier.

Ways to Earn Zero Carbon Token:

Energis token is the designated token to be used for the Zero Carbon projects. Blockchain’s smart contract controls the activities of Energis token in order to ensure efficiency, transparency and security. The Energis token is available on a first come first get basis as it is very limited. Purchasing Energis token early comes with a 50% discount off the usual sale price. You can also register for the Energis token of Zero Carbon by successfully completing the online Know Your Customer process. For those familiar with operations of cryptocurrency, Energis token can also be purchased in exchange for other cryptocurrencies on the Blockchain.

In simple words, the command creates a peer-to-peer platform – a marketplace where producers of energy with zero carbon emissions can directly sell your product to clients, to allow them to use energy from fossil fuels, but subject to the payment of taxes (compensation). The Zero Carbon project was created to provide the momentum to achieve zero carbon emissions from energy for 15 years. The planet needs this speedy transition to avoid the worst destruction caused by climate change.

Thus, the project will increase the number of suppliers with the best prices, create healthy competition, help the development of renewable green energy, because it is more useful from an environmental point of view, but still expensive. Thanks to blockchain technology, not only domestic producers will be able to participate in the development of this useful ecosystem, but also enterprises from all over the world.

Zero Carbon solution:

The Zero Carbon project powered by the blockchain technology is committed to tackling climate change by switching consumers to Zero Carbon Energy through a competitive Zero Carbon market where carbon is offset by international quotas. The Zero Carbon Energy will be cheaper when compared with the current renewable and fossil fuel contracts, this will be achieved by leveraging international carbon credits and an intense market competition. Not only does Zero Carbon Project tackle climate change, consumers could save more by switching to Zero Carbon Energy compared to renewable energy and fossil fuel sourced electricity. Energy suppliers will benefit from a large consumer base who are ready to make the switch to Zero Carbon Energy. Suppliers of Zero Carbon Energy can source their energy from renewable sources or from fossil fuel but they will have to pay a premium in order to offset the carbon emissions using international carbon credits.

ICO and tokens:

  • Total amount: 240,000,000 tokens
  • Pre-sale: 28,000,000 tokens
  • ICO: 121,330,000 NRG
  • Hardcap: $20 mln (28,000,000 NRG tokens)
  • Public presale: 33,330,000 NRG
  • The main public sale: 60,000,000 NRG
  • Public pre-sale: to raise ETH equivalent to $2.000.000

Token distribution:
51% is for sale;
20 million is a personal presale (0.10 dollars), 8 million is a personal presale (0.125 dollars);
33.33 million are public presales (0.15 dollars) and 60 million – this is the primary stage of sales (0.20 dollars per unit);
30% – pool to reward clients;
15% – 36 million Beond;
2.4% – campaign gifts and bonuses;
2% – teams and consultants.

Revenue from token sales will be directed to the spread of this market worldwide, to build a consumer base, develop additional software and services. Marketing budget – 9.2 million (45%) needed to cover advertising, sponsorship, events, etc.

The budget for platform development is 3 million (15%) required for product development, software and legal services; The operational budget of 4.8 million (24%) is required to cover the initial costs; The remaining 16% is tax payment. Project team

Energis Token:

As a token driven economy, the Zero Carbon Project will be powered by the Energies utility token, an ERC20 standard token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Energy suppliers will pay for transaction fees using the Energis token and 70% of the transaction fees received will be diluted back into a reward pool to incentive consumers for consuming Zero Carbon Energy, this will encourage a healthy community growth. Consumers will be able to trade this tokens for other fiat or cryptocurrencies on crypto exchanges.




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