What is ZeroState?
ZeroState is the world’s first emotional intelligence platform. This helps advertisers worldwide increase their customer loyalty by analyzing their emotional engagement.
ZeroState is based on a mobile app that lets users review products in one word. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is what we feel. That’s the feeling born inside you  long before our brains can judge the situation, apply a social filter and decide  whether it is «good» or «bad».
Manfaan ZeroState To The World
  • Search engine at a new level
People search for «what» there is something on Google. We’ll shift focus to what  it’s like to give users what they’re looking for. By building partnerships  with iTunes and Liter, we developed an emotional search add-in that is able to suggest “fun” music or “wise” books. The same can be applied online  shopping platform Amazon, E-bay, Alibaba, etc. to upgrade their  E-Commerce 2.0.
  • Social network 2.0
On social networking you can only look for people with their interests, but they  Do not always reflect their personality. ZeroState social networks will be made  possible to find like-minded people. If you live efficiently, you just have to do it  type «efficiently» to find people doing the same thing.
  • Marketplace or Uber-like advertising platform
Users earn real money for their reviews from advertising campaign budgets. It increases the overall number of reviews, as well as the sincere,  unbiased reviews, and provides an opportunity to form objective opinions  about its products.
The Benefits of ZeroState For Users
  • Free participation in promotion

Become a simple ZeroState user: just install the app and sign in for free. Searching  for information and participating in advertising campaigns is also free

  • Bonus for review
The advertiser organizes the ad campaign and determines its budget. Users become a  participant automatically when they leave a review or confirm someone else. For any review  or confirmation their account is credited with ZSC.
  • Reasonable opinion
Users get a bonus for all reviews, including unprofitable ones. When customers are not forced  To praise a product, we can get a fair and full evaluation.
Mnaaat ZeroState For Advertiser
Opportunity to place ad campaigns and get quick and unbiased  feedback  Starting a campaign is easy. You just need to make the product card  and upload the picture. The advertising cards will be marked to show  that customers can earn money for their reviews.
Destination ZeroState
The core of the ZeroState platform is an application that can be used in any country in the world. Since 2018, it has been downloaded 60,000 times and has 30,000 active users (MAU).

ZeroState ICO will have two phases if the company is offered token at a lower price. advance booking Start date – March 21, 2018 Ends on – 31 May 2018 Presale Plan: $ 2,000,000. Token Presale Package Volume: Token 5 Million.

Bonus presale program
Initial ticket sales: 50% (55% for bulk purchases)
Bonus token volume for pre-sale participant distribution: 2.5 million tokens. With the purchase of 100 ZSCoin tokens, dead participants receive 15 ZSCoins tokens at the Presale level.

General token sales
Start date – June 21, 2018
Ends on – August 31, 2018 (it is possible to extend the dead token sale period).
The minimum target amount generated during the token sale is $ 4,000,000.
Token Sale Package Volume: 59 million ZSCoins tokens.
 Token Bonus Distribution Scheme During Token Sales:
For more information, visit the following link below: 
Bitcointalk URL:;u=1795848

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