The World’s First Crypto Payment and Cellular Investment Application

The ZEUX project is an FCA registered entity that presents its products and officially presents its activities in Europe in 2019. It has a primary goal to spread service to the world in 2020. At ZEUX, clients can handle all their financial portfolios. Every transaction that uses a ZEUX wallet will be executed in an atmosphere that uses cyber system security protocols. With ZEUX, everything can be done with just a few taps.
Advantages of ZEUX
ZEUX will provide a revolutionary solution that offers a platform for a single user platform that allows you to access each profile of your financial products. ZEUX uses block technology that is safe, decentralized, distributed and introduces its own digital money to facilitate opening processing and transactions that are safe, unchanged, open. This will be fast, safe, comfortable and reliable.
Main benefits
• Grouped to include many investment objects, they form differential suppliers in both virtual and financial money, accounts, values, fees, interest comparisons between accounts.
• Integrated display where customers can manage multiple bank accounts through open bank PSD2.
• Storage of decentralized and secure KYC information with historical data on the unit, as well as concierge services to open a free account.
• Secure NFC mobile payments for basic digital money and cash in POS 13
• No annual registration fees or registration fees
• No foreign currency fees or fees
• Use of wider global sustainable coins (ZEUX coins) for global transfers reliable and free.
The ZEUS platform is a London-based digital money startup, which deals with the release of cellular investment and payments in the world of digital money. The mission of the ZEUS platform is to make it smooth for you to enter the world of investing in digital money. There are too many different methods for those who are interested in starting, too much investment equipment, a large number of car payments and safety barriers. The ZEUS platform offers the ultimate solution in one application.
About ZEUX
Secure KYC Service
  • Keep in control of your private key for storing your personal data
  • Open multiple financial accounts with verified KYC information on the blockchain
Investment Platform
  • Get access to several investment products in a combined platform
  • The first investment platform that offers crypto fund products
Pay Cellular Payments with Apple Pay / Google Pay / Samsung Pay to spend your fiat and crypto currencies anywhere
Decentralized Money Transfer
  • Transfer money to anyone, anywhere instantly with a few simple clicks
  • The process is easy and safe using blockchain technology
Personal Data Encryption Technology & Security
  • Encrypted personal data for the KYC (Know Your Customer) process is stored in the Personal Data Warehouse.
  • KYC verification history is stored in the blockchain using hashes.
  • Private keys are stored on the customer’s cellphone and are controlled by the customer.
    Bank Level Security
  • The Zeux technology team has extensive industry experience in system security in financial services and in-depth knowledge on the blockchain.
  • Zeux uses multilayered security measures to ensure the safety and security of the system.
Regulations & Compliance with
  • PSD2, also known as Open Banking, supports the main Zeux offer.
    It provides a regulated platform from which we can obtain customer data to process financial services.
  • The features ultimately make it easier and more convenient to make payments and reduce delays for our customers.
  • Zeux adheres to strict financial rules and regulations to ensure the security and security of transactions and financial data of our customers.
  • Zeux is currently authorized as an EMD agent by the FCA, which gives him permission to conduct electronic money agency activities.
By holding ZeuxCoin, you can enjoy cashback on all crypto payments, get your crypto investment fee discounts and instant access to your secure KYC services. Zeux also gives our customers a gift that encourages active management and tracking of their assets and investments.

ICO details

• Token Symbol – ZUC
• Token Type – Utility Token
• Further Token Token – No
• Accepted Currency – BTC and ETH

Fund distribution

• User Acquisition process costs – 20%
• Technology development – 20%
• Compliance and licensing – 20%
• Exchange listing fees – 10%
• Marketing – 10%
• Infrastructure – 5%
• Business development – 5%
• Operational staff – 5%
• other costs – 5%
  • April: Beta version complete
  • May: The main payment partnership agreement is signed
  • June: Ten asset management partners signed
  • Sep: FCA Authorization for AISP, PISP Investment arrangement
  • Nov: Product launch in UK
  • February: Integration with investment providers through blockchain-based KYC
  • March: Official launch in the UK and soft launch throughout the EU
  • June: Official launch in the EU and soft launch in the US
  • Nov: Official launch in Europe and US
  • February: Connect to more than 50 financial service partners on the platform
  • October: Expand to Asia, Africa and all of America
Username: Schildhauer
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2354217

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