official account service provider (AISP) and payment initiation service provider (PISP) ​​on PSD2.

The ZEUX project is a FCA-registered entity that presents its products and is officially approved in Europe in 2019. This project has the main goal of facilitating service to the world in 2020. At ZEUX, clients can access all of their financial portfolios. Every transaction that uses a ZEUX wallet will be executed in an atmosphere that uses cyber system security protocols. With ZEUX, everything can be done with just a few taps.

Advantages of ZEUX

ZEUX will provide a solution that offers a platform that offers a platform that gives you access to each of your financial products. ZEUX uses block technology that is safe, decentralized, distributed and provides its own digital money to facilitate opening and transactions that are safe, unchanged, open. This will be fast, safe, comfortable and reliable.

Main advantage

• Grouped to collect many investment objects, they form suppliers differently from finance, accounts, values, costs, choose interest between accounts.

• Integrated View where customers can manage many banks through open bank PSD2.

• KYC Storage information that is decentralized and secure with historical data on the unit, as well as concierge services to open a free account.

• Secure NFC mobile payments for basic digital money and cash in POS 13

• There is no annual registration fee or registration fee

• There are no fees or costs for the transit of foreign currencies.

• Use of wider global sustainable coins (ZEUX coins) to transfer globally reliably and free.

ZEUX interface

Their services are designed to be easy to use and easy to use; therefore, almost everyone can easily run a ZEUX profile. The ZEUX interface offers easy access to investment-saving accounts using simple steps. It’s clear about different banking and investing profiles in one home-oriented view, providing consumers to only carry out all tasks in discussing them with economic processes. The client gives approval through the ZEUX interface and provides complete information and messages from many suppliers.

Personal data storage and KYC concierge

The basic ZEUX model is their main platform of the economic system and ZEUX individual data storage. This feature will allow customers to manage their ID in a safe environment in their unit. In addition, they can reuse information for new investments and banks easily and quickly. The content of each client collected by ZEUX at the time of opening will be encrypted and stored in a separate repository, with the appropriate one created and stored on special decentralized block technology.

Basic customer core business activity data on the ZEUX platform can be added to the repository. This can be applied to the following KYC.

When a customer installs the ZEUX platform to open a new economic account with a dedicated provider, the ZEUX Concierge Service will access the application on behalf of the customer and simplify the KYC sharing procedure installed on the unit and connect it – the individual data is a set. This will significantly reduce client registration time.

In addition, a compilation of economic organizations completes KYC 15 confirmation, confirmation of the hash will be added to the block. Companies in the future can use longer confirmation data and focus on new data that accurately will save business administration costs and acceleration related to your client’s procedures. All customer data will be completely encrypted. Only clients will have individual codes for access to this content and the right to share with service providers.

Access to each bank account

ZEUX is an official account service provider (AISP) and payment initiation service provider (PISP) ​​on PSD2. The ZEUX application will collect all account information and display it in a convenient user panel, which will be able to see the rest of all the different accounts and perform monetary tasks for all of these accounts.

Access to many investment goods

ZEUX will act as an aggregator and implement investment products with available investment products and details applied in the application.

Because the ZEUX platform is an integrated system, this platform provides an excellent image of users’ financial activities. Therefore, the ZEUX platform will use AI and data analytics to recommend suitable and targeted investment objects based on investment preferences, financial profiles, risk appetite, and all other monetary information captured by the ZEUX platform.

Using the ZEUX application, customers can instruct the ZEUX platform to open the latest investment account with the right asset management provider. The ZEUX application will provide insight into consumers’ investment portfolios with psychiatry about investment actions and risk indicators.

By holding ZeuxCoin, you can enjoy cashback on all crypto payments, get your crypto investment fee discounts and instant access to your secure KYC services. Zeux also gives our customers a gift that encourages active management and tracking of their assets and investments.

Benefits of ZEUX
ZEUX can provide a revolutionary regulated resolution that provides a 1 place entry platform that allows you to access each profile of your money product. ZEUX utilizes safe, decentralized and allocated block schools and introduces its own digital cash to facilitate the process of account gaps and safe, unchanged agreements. This will be fast, safe, comfortable and reliable.


  • April: Beta version complete
  • May: The main payment partnership agreement is signed
  • June: Ten asset management partners signed
  • Sep: FCA Authorization for AISP, PISP Investment arrangement
  • Nov: Product launch in UK
  • February: Integration with investment providers through blockchain-based KYC
  • March: Official launch in the UK and soft launch throughout the EU
  • June: Official launch in the EU and soft launch in the US
  • Nov: Official launch in Europe and US
  • February: Connect to more than 50 financial service partners on the platform
  • October: Expand to Asia, Africa and all of America

• Token Symbol – ZUC
• Token Type – Utility Token
• Further Token Token – No
• Accepted Currency – BTC and ETH

Fund distribution

• User Acquisition process costs – 20%
• Technology development – 20%
• Compliance and licensing – 20%
• Exchange listing fees – 10%
• Marketing – 10%
• Infrastructure – 5%
• Business development – 5%
• Operational staff – 5%
• other costs – 5%

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