The Zeux project is aiming to build an integrated payment system that will be user-friendly, easy to use and accessible with low cost in other to eliminate the challenges in this sector and bring a final solution to the world payment system. The Zeux payment system was built in a such a way that it will suits the demanded payment solution of suppliers and consumers and link them to available investment across the globe.

Let me quickly address the challenges facing the current payment system and why we need a project like Zeux

Let me start from the charges levied on every transaction we do. The charges comes as a results of involvement of third party initiating the transaction. This has not been helpful to the consumers, it even bankrupt the consumers beyond expectation. Let take for example; if you do about ten (10) transactions a day for a business with a aim of making hundred dollars ($100), the transaction fees alone might consume all the profits you are aiming to make.
There is another issue which I stands as a challenges that make Zeux came up to solve, the current financial system does not make opportunity possible for a common man, accessing the financial services is like a hell on its own. Many aim to invests but the current financial system is killing that zeal due to the tedious procedure and make many people fall out from their life plan.
The last challenges I will talk about that make Zeux to come up is the issue of lower adoption of cryptocurrency due to lack of facilities that suits its utilization across the globe. It is very annoying for people to have cryptocurrencies in their wallet but don’t know how to make use of it in their daily business activities.

No more panicking!
No more lamenting!!
No more frustration!!!


Zeux have the answers and the solutions to the challenges of the world payment services and I must tell you is a welcome development. Zeux is not just a medium for processing transaction but an avenue that create more investment opportunities for people.
In a more clear note, Zeux is a blockchain-based payment system for our financial endeavor. It also a secure and reliable payment services that will make people do transaction in an easy way making use of cryptocurrencies. Zeux is creating a means where people can do transaction with mobile devices to solve payment solution. The Zeux platform will have a wallet where you manage your account and process transaction through it and likewise receive a payment into it. In a light form, the Zeux is doing exactly a digital banking services job for the users. It will serve as a medium of processing your digital assets and currencies. It will also open investment opportunity for the users unlike the conventional banking system that open investment opportunity for few noted people.

Moreover, through the Zeux platform, people will have access to loan, deal with peer to peer transaction and share more opportunity with each other. The issue of high charges levied on transaction will be things of the past as the Zeux is incorporated with smart contracts that does not require any third party in order for a transaction to be executed.

Another vital point about the Zeux platform is the introduction of ZeuxCoin, the traditional currency for the platform. The ZeuxCoin will make the entire process ease as never before as the token will be an utility token for the platform. The ZeuxCoin can be used to pay for the little transaction fees and so on.



The Zeux project has a key role to play in the digital era we are now. The Zeux is replacing the traditional banking system by offering a digital banking services. It will stands as a means of utilizing your cryptocurrency as a payment option. Let support this project, their ideology is highly recommended and it has a great impacts in our ecosystem at large now and in the future.

You can know more about Zeux by visiting the following links:

Website:- https://www.zeux.tech

Whitepaper:- https://www.zeux.tech/assets/PDF/ZEUX-White-paper-Eng.pdf

Reddit:- https://www.reddit.com/user/ZeuxApp

Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/ZeuxApp

Twitter:- https://twitter.com/ZeuxApp

Telegram:- https://t.me/zeuxapp

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