The introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, originated a revolution within the national economy as we all know it. making a brand new decentralised currency, freelance of standard banking systems and accessible to any or all. Making a secure and unalterable system to hold out transactions in electronic media with reduced rates.
Gap a brand new world of potentialities with blockchain technology. An atmosphere created by Satoshi Nakamoto, WHO is probable to be a anonym and whose identity is unknown.
However, one in every of the peculiarities of the blockchain is its transparency, that is, all transactions are visible to any or all WHO want to check them. Even, initially it had been thought that the transactions were completely anonymous, however this can be not entirely correct. There square measure firms like Chainalysis that may follow the flow of bitcoins within the blockchain ledger and determine the users that generated the transactions.
This has as a consequence that a lot of entities square measure reluctant to enter the planet of cryptocurrencies since they require their fund’s balance to stay confidential and not receptive everybody, even to malign entities (hackers) willing to search out how to steal them.
It is necessary to form some means that of privacy to pull down this wall. There square measure several tries to feature privacy to the planet of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. However, these solutions become terribly serious, requiring additional procedure process (GPU) and extra space (overhead), that doesn’t build them fully acceptable after they are enforced.
Technology within the last ten years has advanced with spectacular strides. Of course, one in every of the most reasons has been the birth of the primary successful implementation of the Blockchain technology in 2008.
The Blockchain technology could be a decentralised platform with a public information that includes a agreement protocol as an enclosed policy. To prove that every group action within the Blockchain is valid, we tend to now not want a centralized entity that claims what’s true or false, the system needs that almost all participants within the system should agree that a block that’s well-mined is valid. once touching on Blockchain and decentralised technology most of the people associate the term with cryptocurrencies, and with Bitcoin.
So far, the best implementation of this technology is to store and build transactions with our cash. Despite ten years have gone since the launch of this new world and also the look of recent platforms and cryptocurrencies,
Bitcoin remains the leader and WHO sets the trend within the market. Currently, many folks still believe that the transactions among Bitcoin square measure fully anonymous. it’s assumed that nobody will understand the $64000 identity of the folks concerned during a group action. Being a platform with a public information, if all the transactions square measure schematized and arranged, it’s doable to understand the knowledge of every user within the network and know all their history. to not mention the Over-the-counter (OTC) that may be generated by installation deals.
Without privacy, there’s no changeableness. In General, if there’s no privacy there’ll be no risk of without delay commerce. the cash may stop functioning because it needs to since privacy is important to make sure trust, that is indispensable for building an advert relationship.
Countless folks don’t need their data to be offered to someone. Obviously, entire organizations wouldn’t need their transactions to be offered to everybody (e.g. workers data). Since these knowledge square measure confidential and will solely be of interest to a couple of folks. Let’s introduce ZEUX, another to resolve current privacy drawback.
ZEUX is a crypto project that takes advantage of the blockchain technology to deliver the utmost experience to the teeming community of cryptocurrency users. It’s worth mentioning that the project aims at resolving the bottlenecks that held down global payment structures for long. In light of that, ZEUX will decentralize the centralized cross-border remittance structures, and integrate the warring parties (disparate payment gateways and users transacting via them).
Furthermore, with backing from the blockchain technology, the project has a thriving ecosystem that unites core participants in global financial services. Finally and most importantly, it facilitates the use of cryptocurrencies in day-to-day transactions.
Spend at a Go
Before now, cryptocurrency holders have to retrieve funds from their different wallets before conducting a transaction. The same scenario plays out among fiat transacting parties, as they have to make use of different bank accounts to transact.
Can you imagine a platform that brings together all different fund holders to make it seamless when transacting? That’s what you get when transacting via ZEUX. The platform allows you to unify all your bank accounts for seamless transactions. This is possible because the project is authorized by PSD2 to function as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP). This implies that ZEUX does not only have the capacity to unify payment gateways/channels (such as banks) but also facilitates transactions on the same premise.
To that end, users can view the balances on their different bank accounts from the same interface.
Tailored Investment Options
It’s a fact that investing with cryptocurrencies/digital assets can be a herculean task. Apart from the enablement of transactions with cryptocurrencies, ZEUX also allows its users access to multiple investment options. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the platform makes use of its data analytics to offer users the best investment options.
Before that, the platform monitors users’ behavior to identify the investment(s) they’re inclined to. After collating this information through the combined efforts of its data analytics and AI, ZEUX then positions an array of investment prospects to users. To that end, you can be sure that investing via the platform is risk-free and works in tandem with your investment specifications.
For cryptocurrencies to be kept afloat, it’s imperative to integrate them into day-to-day transactions. ZEUX’s empowerment of investors/users to make investments with digital assets is a step in the right direction. In the coming months, there tend to be massive adoptions of its coin – the ZeuxCoin (ZUC). This will not only send the value of the coin soaring high but will also help users to attain greater heights with the crypto investment options provided by the platform.
Token Allocation
Token Sales: 60%
Bounty: 5%
Market making pool/Company: 15%
Team and Advisors: 20%
Token Specifications
Token Name: ZeuxCoin
Ticker: ZUC
Platform: Ethereum
Token Standard: ERC-20
Token Supply: 750 million
Soft Cap: 10, 000 ETH
Hard Cap: 50, 000 ETH
Exchange Rate: 1 ZUC = 0.0002 ETH
  • Username btt : saipulboni
  • erc20 address : 0x05EC97B6aa52a342b6e7b235d0C250cEb9C26118

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