The birth of Blockchain technology has given rise to many ideologies, recently Blockchain innovation has been use to transform diverse field of human endeavours.

Digital currencies are quickly picking up a toehold of the world network – citations are developing consistently, which causes an expanding enthusiasm of clients.

Cryptocurrency is a sort of advanced money, the creation and control of which depend on cryptographic strategies for preparing data. Cryptocurrency is an option in contrast to Fiat money. Everything is straightforward here, as actually as could be expected under the circumstances, ventures depend on the blockchain technology – a disseminated database that conducts moment exchanges, you ought not sit tight for affirmation of exchanges, as in cases with banking activities, there are no superfluous and pointless expenses, and this technology secures against different cheats – Payment misrepresentation is avoided here.

However, despite the great potentials of this Technology, so many individuals and organizations are yet to come to terms with it. The reason for this slow adoption is due to some challenges which is the brain behind the creation of ZEUX. They are;

Lack of Real life usage of cryptocurrencies
Complicated interface created by some platforms
Lack of a secure wallet to hold these assets
Inability to easily convert cryptocurrencies to Fiats and use in payment for goods and services.
Lack of adequate security measures to protect investor’s funds.
The stage interface offers access to all funds and venture client accounts in only a couple of basic advances. Different banking and speculation items are advantageously shown on one home screen, with the goal that the client can rapidly finish the vital budgetary exchanges. Customers send directions through the Zeux interface and at the same time get data and messages from different suppliers.

The core of Zeux is the money related ecosystem and individual information stockpiling. This usefulness will enable clients to safely deal with their own information in a protected blockchain space, and furthermore utilize the entered information for snappy and simple opening of new banking and speculation accounts. All client information will be encoded and put away in a protected stockpiling of individual information; the relating hash will be put away in a decentralized conveyed blockchain arrange. Records of the client’s key money related activities on the stage will be added to the vault, if the customer consents to this. Such data might be utilized to pass KYC later on. When the client sends a solicitation to open another money related record with a specific supplier to the Zeux stage, the Zeux attendant service will present a comparing application in the interest of the client and encourage the entrance to the KYC hash on the blockchain and to the connection to the customer’s close to home information in the archive. This will enormously accelerate enlistment.

ZEUX is a finished ecosystem, clients will get a total image of their money related exchanges. With the assistance of man-made brainpower and information examination, the stage will almost certainly prescribe to every client appropriate, exclusively customized ventures, in light of its money related profile, inclinations, hazard craving and different variables distinguished by the framework.

The ZEUX group is experienced and eager experts who make this task a reality. It united specialists in the field of cryptocurrency, processing frameworks, mobile advances and huge scale application development. These individuals have a colossal measure of understanding behind them and a great deal of effectively executed undertakings!

Website https://www.zeux.tech/W

hitepaper https://www.zeux.tech/assets/PDF/Zeux-Whitepaper-Russian.pdf

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Bounty https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5104743.0

Twitter https://twitter.com/ZeuxApp

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Telegram https://t.me/ZeuxApp

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