ZIPCOIN is a Platform That Gives a Different Value For P2P

ZipCoin like most of the other cryptocurrency blockchains has a decentralized blockchain network, however, the only standing out difference between ZipCoin and the other cryptocurrency blockchains is that the Zipcoin blockchain deals with remittance and payment.

The ZipCoin blockchain is set out as a solution for remittance and payment, the network guarantees a safe and secure platform where money can be transferred and sent from one party to the other. It works for all kinds of remittance payment and makes it easier as opposed to using traditional banking systems.
The ZipCoin Exchange engine serves as a digital market where traders who trade online in cryptocurrency can buy and sell. It also serves as the middle-man between the sellers and buyers of cryptocurrency as it enables trade in bitcoins and altcoins in a bid to create a universal trading currency.


Fast data transfer rates, accessibility, digital conversion and use of cryptographic technologies on distributed journals are constitutive factors that shape the future path of access to a higher level of decentralization. The momentum of these innovations creates new ecosystems, raising the issue of protecting privacy, transparency and autonomy.

The emergence of a blockchain-driven cryptocurrency technology and the development of the digital currency industry, with increasing daily operations and recent exchanges, indicates a significant increase in the value and growing capabilities of the blockchain technology.Despite the evolution of digital currency, there is a huge market gap for alternative financial services, lending platforms, payment solutions, and money transfer services for the use of digital assets. A solution to this kind of activate rather complex, but simple and powerful layers of synergy through blockchain-based technologies and external operating systems.

ZipCoin is a solution for decentralized transfer and payment based on the blockchain. This system enables us to serve users and enterprises of various countries and regions around the world to effectively deliver financial services.


ZIPCOIN is a platform that gives a different value for P2P. Through our platform, users can join the global community with collective knowledge and passion for connecting the world through digital experience. For secure fund management, external contracts and incoming instant transfers, are supported by digital currencies, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH). There is a reward for redirecting to ZIPCOIN, which provides diligent and dedicated investors who are addicted to the platform by twenty percent (20%) markers from the members mentioned, as a bonus for their transfers. ZIPCOIN is a platform with numerous bonuses. This platform has created countless incentives and bonuses for its investors.


In the era of the Internet of all things, the idea that this platform arises was tested by many platforms, but the following problems remain: what they are, lack of privacy data, associated associations with verifying users, and long inefficient reseller networks.


It is important to note the confidentiality problem, the project (ZIPCOIN) is completely decentralized to the fact that one body does not have access to the data. In addition, downloaded files made by the user will be saved in IPFS. ZIPCOIN offers a comprehensive trading interface that comes with a modular dashboard to support full customization. This fully customizable interface is a hard to find event in the most established exchanges. Thanks for the custom version of the platform, the users are allowed to move the information panel according to their preferences. This allows the user to move the most relevant information to the line of sight in accordance with his / her trading style.


Zipcoin does not charge high exchange fees on trade deals, on crypto trading, there is no insecurity as the network tracks and monitors all the transactions that happen on the blockchain. When trading anonymity is guaranteed except the user chooses otherwise and users can also receive their payments directly, therefore, having full control of their account.
ZipCoin enables trading across different platforms, therefore, making the platform more accessible to their users on whatever device they have. The platform is also simple and easy to use.



ZipCoin offers full cash management to customers: (Digital currency third party dependent), low payments: (Billing providers that provide access to accounts, ICO and industry related industries, and individuals, charge very high fees, since competition almost does not exist). And consumers spend less and more secure: (The infrastructure underlying the blockchain technology has a huge advantage over the banking sector in any industry.


The ZIPCO marker is designed using EOS blockchain technology. Unlike Toten on the basis of the Ethereum ERC-20 system, the EOS marker does not require payment for gas. EOS blockhain allows users to recover their passwords at first glance; until you can recover your credentials using ETH. Moreover, there is no concept of mining and current plugs. The technology is highly efficient, scalable and can process up to 100,000,000 transactions per second using a delegated share confirmation (DPoS). This means that ZipCoin customers can save more in their pockets.
ZIPCO tokens are used to facilitate operations on platforms and other products and services the company plans to develop. ZIPCO also provides discounts, rewards, loyalty programs and other added benefits.

The total number of ZIPCO characters is 500000000 tokens. The initial price of 1 ZIPCO will be $ 0.05 USD. In general, for the further development of the platform, Zip Coin collect collect developers during the public sales of 7,000,000 USD. The marker will be distributed as follows:

Considering the speed of the blockchain transactions, which is excellent, the ZIPCOIN project adopted automation technology and, for example, increases the speed of transactions in its platform, cash exchange, almost immediately. This means that there will be more than five to seven working days with delays in operations. The Blockchain provides an opportunity to move cash as a result of current circumstances, and is able to accelerate profitability, as far as organizations and people can achieve with this extra time. In addition, this measure of speed can be a clear advantage in terms of income, all things’ helping organizations view, and people will have more visible power over their cash and costs.


Our main goal is to provide remittances in emerging markets, in Africa and beyond, by providing:
• low transfer fees
• Average market rate for foreign currency
• Serve in preferential markets
• Simple, simple, secure, fast solutions, use modern EOS, SWIFT block chains, mobile and web payments.
• Transfer from peer partners
• Community oriented ecosystem
• Create jobs for young people in every market we launch
• Education and familiarity with the use of innovative technologies in the money transfer space.
With P2P ZIPCOIN, each of them will constantly receive the necessary support through the network line. P2P ZIPCOIN is created on the popular and well-known EOS network, which is easily accessible and precise enough to prevent transaction shutdown.
ZIPCOIN Environment is not easy to enable its organization. The profit that is necessary, can come on the initiative, on which it will work or gradually. P2r for already with no doubt is not with lооrоhоles this is an organization through working on the fly, means forerrer now, to be taken. For most third parties, p2p zipcoin is indicated for full operation. This is a decision that is held in second place is better than others. Some researchers relate very well to this intervention of the AES comprehensive family.


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