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ZooomEx   – a new exchange of electronic money! Exchange with the lowest trading commission from all representatives on the market! Actions to make this transaction are allowed for everyone! It’s impossible to try to get money from users, you create a service device to work with users, who will be comfortable! Until September, commercial commissions – 0%! Besides that, it will be measured without the ability to see! You have a head to do this step! You will not find this way in this school!
ZOOomEx resources  thanks to the  benefits of users  ! All members are active, and you have transactions, pros and cons of an Exchange Electronic machine, so we create property. Our products for you and the United States. This is suitable for internal users and tables, both for users and for databases. Please open the modified database that you entered!


  1. A poorly equipped crypto exchange out there. This leads to big problems, losses and unnecessary stress.
  2. Many exchange centers tend to be hacking and theft. On many occasions there are users who have lost valuable items on the exchange.
  3. Bad customer service by traditional exchanges. It takes days for the average exchange out there to respond to customer complaints.


  1. Our exchange is built on a machine that can handle more than 1,000,000 orders per second, you will not experience problems with hang or excess
    Zooomex network starts working with the following coin trading pairs: BTC, ETH, LTC, ARCT, ZXE
  2. We provide our own WEBs to trade on the exchange
  3. Initial support will be provided in Russian, English and Chinese. In the future, the number of supporting languages ​​will increase
  4. Zoomex will accept projects for placements with small capital under special conditions, the client’s own base of the project and its relevance will be an important component. Projects submitted for placement on the exchange will be thoroughly examined; if a violation or signs of fraudulent activity is found, the project will be excluded
  5. Low trading commission, which will only be 0.05% of the transaction. Not everyone can provide such conditions. Our goal is to develop at our own expense, not interested. For ARCT and ZXE token holders, the trading commission will be further reduced. Conditions will be posted later
  6. To eliminate manipulation of token rates, we will buy a certain amount every 1-2 months, and a number of coins will be burned
  7. For literate startups, projects that have large values, certain extraordinary conditions for coin placement will be made, check the details in the appropriate section


1. Many e-money exchanges are technically not well-equipped, among them
In the long run, this can cause big problems, losses and losses.
underline. Users of electronic money exchanges, in general,
Like a simplified platform, it will make it from
Negative results are possible. Our team has employees
become a member of a large electronic money project
This is the perfect feature for today. Please give permission for
Create a database and get it
Follow the fashion path with you.
2. ZooOMEX is fully protected from hacking and theft. ours
Exchange is made using high security standards.
verify the technical database and, at first,
their customer safety rules.
3. Focus on customer service. We understand that
The value of your feedback is the key
conditions of rapid market changes. You will get it
feedback from members of the technical support team
Open online to download the account with big profits
will open the requested value. You always get
Our quality support will arrive on time and on time.
from material problems and not from robotic works
4. We are international. Our support services are available 24/7 throughout the world.
with you ng nao, click, ỗỗ ỗỗ
problems without creating discomfort and unnecessary
Username: aceluffin
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579400

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