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ZooomEx is a new cryptocurrency exchange! Exchange with the lowest trading commission represented on the market! This lever makes trading operations accessible to everyone! Zooomex does not try to produce from clients, it also creates a comfortable platform where it will be convenient to trade with everyone! Until September, 0% Trade Commission! Next, it will increase so low that you won’t even notice it! Those who first took this step! You won’t find anything like this on the market!
Zooomex makes Crypto Exchange for users! All members of the ZXE team are active traders, and know all the nuances, pros and cons of other crypto exchanges, so Zooomex makes products for you. This is suitable for ordinary and professional traders, both for users with small capital, and for institutional ones. Zooomex began to change the cryptocurrency trading industry!


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ZooOMEX is fully protected from hacking and theft. ours
Exchange is made using high security standards.
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Focus on customer service. We understand that
The value of your feedback is the key
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Open online to download the account with big profits
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Our quality support will arrive on time and on time.
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We are international. Our support services are available 24/7 throughout the world.
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From June 24 to July 1, 2019, there will be a first sale of ZXE tokens. This is a great opportunity to buy tokens at the lowest price, so the costs will increase in proportion to the development of the project. ZXE discounts will vary depending on purchase volume and will reach 50%! For large buyers, individual conditions, write to the address listed below. To participate, just follow the https://www.zooomex.com link, register and make a deposit. Open ZXE / ETH trade and buy the required number of tokens. We draw your attention to the restrictions, the minimum purchase is 15,000 ZXE at a price of 0.00007000 ETH. If you buy 300,000 + the price of ZXE 0.00006000 ETH, 750,000 + the price of ZXE from 0.00005000 ETH need to email to ico@zooomex.com or the price of PM @DrGrow for IEO ~ 0,00010000 ETH.
Token distribution
Distribution of tokens totaling 10 million ZXE tokens will be distributed for pre-sales while for the Initial Exchange Offering itself, 40 million tokens will be allocated, 50 million for the Foundation, 20 million for prize and airdrop programs, 10 million promos and 20 million tokens for the Team will be allocated.
In connection with the recent discovery of Cryptobirth ZooomEx, we decided to completely cancel the trade costs for operations! Fully-this is 0% for operation! This program will take place until September 2019, so we plan to exchange crypto with one of the lowest trading commissions of all those represented on the market! After refilling your balance, you can immediately start trading on the ZooomEx exchange. We remind you that the Commission is 0% of the number of transactions!
To go to trade, you can search for the matching pair from the main page, or go to the Exchange section in the upper left corner of the exchange. Next, select a partner and use the Buy / Sell window on the market, or use a limit order. In limited orders, you can determine the value of purchases or sales of coins needed and the amount.
Fund distribution
The price for IEO is 0,00010000 ETH
Presale 10.000.000
The IEO sells a period of 40,000,000, from August 5, 2019 to August 12, 2019
Foundation of 50,000,000
15,000,000 prize
Airdrop 5.000.000
Promo 10.000.000
Tim 20.000.000
Q4 2019
Official Launch
Launch the Daily Lottery
Launches a Bonus Distribution From the Project
Register New Project
Q1 2020
Mobile Application
Reduce Commission for Token Holders
Q2 2020
Windows and Mac applications
There are many more who will benefit from the zoomex trading platform and I want you to visit the follow site for further updates including how to connect to the project designer

Tim ZooomEx

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