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Many crypto exchange are poorly equipped technically, which in the long can lead to big problems, losses and unnecessary stress. The people who utilize crypto exchanges, in general, prefer a simplified platform that will help safeguard them from these possible negative outcomes. In team, have a staff that has worked with several successful large crypto-projects that function perfectly to this day. clearly represent the future development of the cryptocurrency market and will follow the planned path with you.

ZOOOMEX is completely protected from hacking and theft. Exchange was created using high security standards,  technically tested for penetration and follows, first of all, the rule of safety of its customers.

Focus on customer service. Clearly understand that the speed of response to a request from a client is a key factor in the conditions of a rapid change in the market. You will receive a response from members of the technical support team taking into account the network load, with a strong increase in its staff will be expanded to the required value. You will always receive qualified assistance on time and on time, which will come from quality specialists, and not from a robot working with scripts.

Support service works 24/7 worldwide and in most state languages, will always help you solve your problem without creating discomfort and unnecessary inconvenience.


  • Exchange is built on an engine that can handle more than 1.000.000 orders per second, you will not have problems with the hang or network overload start working with trading pairs of the following coins:
    – BTC
    – ETH
    – LTC
    – ARCT
    – ZXE will add to the exchange only tested coins, with its own
    user base. If you want to place your coin on exchange, leave a request in the appropriate section for verification.
  • Provide WEB-client for trading on the exchange
  • Initial support will be provided in Russian, English and Chinese. In the future, the number of support languages will increase.
  • Will accept projects for placement with a small capital on special conditions, the client base of the project and its relevance will be important components. Projects submitted for placement on the exchange will be thoroughly checked; if gross violations or signs of fraudulent activity are found, projects will be excluded.
  • Low trade commission, which will be only 0.05% of the transaction. Not everyone can provide such conditions. For the holders of ARCT and ZXE tokens, the trade commission will be further reduced. Terms will be posted later.
  • To eliminate manipulation of the exchange tokens rate, will buy out a certain number of them every 1-2 months, and a certain number of coins will be burned.
  • For literate startups, projects that carry great value, certain exceptional conditions for the placement of coins will be created, check details in the appropriate section.


Public Sales

To participate, simply follow the link https://www.zooomex.com, register and make a deposit. Go to trade ZXE / ETH and purchase the required number of tokens.
Draw your attention to the limitation, the minimum purchase is 15,000 ZXE at a price of 0.00007000 ETH.

The price for IEO ~ 0.00010000 ETH.

Token distribution: 10,000,000 pre-sale 40,000,000 IEO Sale Foundation 50 000 000

Bounty (15.000.000) AirDrop (5.000.000) Promo (10,000,000) Team (20.000.000)
ZXE tokens issued to the core team will be blocked until 2020 after the end of the pre-sale. If one of the participants leaves the team, their tokens are withdrawn and subject to destruction.

Unlocking will take place in equal parts of 20% per year, starting in 2020

Private sales: 06.24.19-01.07.19.
Bounty: TBA
IEO: 05 august 2019 – 12 august 2019 or when all tokens are sold.

0% commission for trading until September

Distribution of Funds

  • 50% will be directed to the development of the exchange platform, its improvement, maintenance, service, design, hiring and staff training, development budget
  • 35% will be directed to the development of the brand, advertising, innovation and awareness of the exchange platform
  • 10% will be frozen in the reserve fund for emergency response, theelimination of critical problems on the exchange
  • 5% will be spent on acquiring assets for the exchange, creating a diversified value of the company.

Bonus to ZXE and ARCT Token Holders

Daily free random bonus to ZXE token owners. Will be held in the format of the daily lottery. The winners will be determined in a random order, the number of tokens obtained in the lottery will be determined in accordance with the winning numbers.

During the Candy AirDrop, the owners of the ZXE and ARCT tokens will receive pleasant bonuses from the projects before they are listed on the exchange.


Q4 2019
Official launch
Launch daily lottery
Launch distribution of bonuses from projects
Listing new projects

Q1 2020
Mobile app
Reduced commissions for token holders

Q2 2020
Windows and Mac application




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