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Now in the world space a very large number of cryptocurrency exchanges are being created. However, not all of them will earn in full. We have already heard about thefts, scams and deception by the stock exchanges. But this is not the main thing. I believe that the main thing in creating and attracting users to the exchange is its uniqueness. This, in my opinion, is the new, but already proven at its best, project ZooomEx .

ZooomEx is a new cryptocurrency exchange with positive nuances in its work. The exchange is now in its infancy, and therefore, it is waiting for users, cryptocurrency holders, traders, and everyone. To do this, its creators offer everyone to take advantage of unique offers.


Well, now let’s get to the most enjoyable thing – the chips that are now available on ZooomEx.

Zero Commission

To begin with, from now until September, all those who trade at ZooomEx will not be paid a commission at all. That is, it is zero. All costs incur the creators of the exchange. But this is not the end. Even when a commission appears, it will be one of the smallest of all representatives of this sphere. As the ZooomEx developers write in their blog, “trade without commission”.

Sale of ZXE coins

In order to start trading on the stock exchange, of course, you need to implement at least part of your own ZXE token. And this ZooomEx succeeded. In just one week, within the framework of private and public sales, ZXE tokens in the equivalent of 520 ETH were sold. This means that the ZooomEx project will be successful.

Traders Weekly Tournament

Well, in order to further intrigue everyone, I will say that every week it is planned to hold a tournament for traders with very good prizes. To participate it is enough to fulfill all the conditions of the tournament.

I believe that we have witnessed the birth of another high-quality cryptocurrency exchange with its own twist. Now there are not so many trades on the stock exchange, but in the near future things can change for the better. And for this the team has the ability and desire. In addition, a big plus is that we are dealing with an already functioning project.




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