Despite the fact the internet seems to be a basic part of everyone’s life, it can be hard to believe that there are numerous businesses that do not have any online presence whatsoever. While this may be attributed to diverse reasons such as; the cost of building a conventional website, the internet, lack of expertise etc. In fact is has come to our notice that this is not just a phenomenon in the developing world but also in the developed world, a recent report by GoDaddy stated that more than 50% of small businesses do not have a personal website let alone a Facebook page.


ZYPLINE addresses this huge worldwide market of sole proprietors and bridges the current digital divide with the worlds simplest and best online posting solution. sing the Zypcoin, users can upload any file in any format, thereby turning the regular “black and white” screen of the caller’s mobile phone into an online page to advertise business; while the user’s mobile number serves or function as the locator or URL.
ZYPLINE perfectly addresses the underserved market share of home businesses and sole proprietors globally; this will enable them to profit from global e-commerce using just their mobile number.

What is the current state of things?
currently, ZYPLINE has existing applications and products with plans to remodel for the targeted markets.
These products focus on development and will be available in 3rd quarter 2018. Several add-on applications and products will be developed and available to the global network.

Please note that ZYPLINE does not involve itself in building websites and it is not for users who are generally searching for products or services. Instead, It is meant to help consumers who want further information concerning a firm already identified from a printed ad such as; business card, flyer, or based on a recommendation.
We are very proud to let you know that our product support service promotes offline marketing activities while enabling individuals and business to have a global online presence.

Some of ZYPLINE’s main features:

  1. No prescribed or restricted format; the information can be posted exactly as it was created
  2. It requires little time to set up as users can build a new page and make it accessible online in less than 5 minutes.
  3. User Liberty over Data Control- Our platform gives user absolute control of what is being posted.
  4. No account registration; users do not need waste their time filling the registration form and trying to remember passwords.
  5. Completely done offline. internet or no internet, work continues.
  6. Perfect for specials discounts and coupons advertisement.
  7. The most interesting thing here is that multiple pages can be created by by simply adding alpha-numerics to the core mobile number.
  8. Customers can easily access a page by simply calling the phone number or using the number on http://Zyppagescom or partner sites.
  9. Generates an instant URL (such as : http://Zyppges.com/1/6505557979) for business cards and for online sites such as Yelp, Craigslist, Angies etc

Zypcoin is a unique ICO that doesn’t require first app development. That gives it a unique advantage and averts the danger and delay that most ICO’s purchaser’s endure. A whopping 90 percent of ICO’s not ever complete a viable product.

One Of the important values and unique benefits of the Zypcoin is its versatility and unlimited uses in its ecosystem and as well in different markets adjacent to the Zypcoin ecosystem. Zypcoin plans to continuously design and set up programs and projects to be certain that the issued Zypcoin parts will probably be usable in several distinct facets of this Zypcoin ecosystem.

Systems will be created to distribute tokens based on various Contributions to the network and user kits and directions will be available to all users and visitors from the Zypcoin ecosystem. This is going to be a key objective and part of the primary planning effort. Zypcoin has growth plans which are outlined elsewhere in our stuff. These programs will be direct and indirect, as well as spontaneously and made entirely by users in the Zypcoin ecosystem. Many plans are already in place, the following are examples of some of the apps that are intended.

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